Text To Switch PAC Codes – all you need to know

Text To Switch is a great service that helps you switch mobile networks quickly and easily. In just a few minutes you can have all the information you need to take out a new mobile contract and keep your old phone number.

STEP 1: Text PAC to 65075

Simple as that! The Text To Switch service is operated by Ofcom so it works with all major networks.

STEP 2: Read the response and follow the instructions

Depending on your network you will receive a response asking for some simple security information. Three usually asks for your date of birth.

STEP 3: Receive your PAC code via text message

You should receive a PAC Code that you can provide when you purchase a contract or SIM only deal through this site.

STEP 4: Choose your new deal from this website

We work with Three to find and recommend the best deals. Add your chosen deal to your basket and enter your new PAC code when you are prompted.

Will switching networks cost anything?

If you are still within the minimum term of your mobile contract there may be a charge to end early. The Service should tell you what this charge will be. Make sure you understand these charges before you give the PAC to your new network as they may be applied automatically.

I requested a PAC but now I have changed my mind

Don’t worry, the PAC code doesn’t do anything until you provide it to a new network. If you requested one but don’t use it you contract will continue as normal.

What if I don’t want to switch networks?

If you start a new contract on the same network then you will be unable to use a PAC to transfer your phone number to it. You cannot transfer a number from one Three contract to another unless it is a specific “upgrade” contract.

Other Text To Switch Services

Text To Switch isn’t just for PAC Codes. You can also:

  • Switch networks and get a new phone number
    Text STAC to 75075
  • Learn more about your contract without switching
    Text INFO to 85075

What is a PAC Code?

A PAC, or Port Authorisation Code is a unique number that identifies your mobile phone contract and phoen number. You need it to move from mobile network to another and keep your phone number.

And a STAC?

A Stac is similar to a PAC, but you don’t keep your phone number. If you provide a STAC code when you switch networks then you will be issued a new contract and phone number and you old contract will be automatically closed.

What is Text To Switch?

TTS is an Ofcom service designed to help consumers switch networks as easily and painlessly as possible.

Previously switching networks was a long process, made frustrating by unwanted attempts to change the customers mind. Ofcom required all the major networks to take part in Text-to-switch to give consumers more control over their mobile contract.

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