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Great design, amazing cameras, and a long life make the iPhone the best phone on the market. Store-3 is the place for 3 iPhone deals that combine generous data allowances with great customer service and low prices.

Apple’s iPhone series, popular and iconic, continues to dominate the top end of the mobile phone market. Along with the biggest app store (with over 700,000 apps), and the fantastic usability you expect from any Apple product, iPhone offers one of the richest mobile user experiences around.

Apple is renowned for offering customers premium handsets. Of course, to make the most out of these amazing handsets, you want the best network experience possible. Three have been voted best for iPhone users for the past few years by a YouGov survey covering more than 1,000 iPhone users’ satisfaction levels.

Three has now been voted Best Network for iPhone by YouGov, an independent surveying body that collects data on customer satisfaction!

Apple entered the world of smartphones in 2007 with the original iPhone, revolutionising the industry and spurring a serious growth in smartphone use across the world. Since then, they have been industry leaders in user experience, and today the various models of iPhone represent nearly 50% of the UK smartphone market.

Alongside a fantastic user experience, Apple’s appeal also lies in its stylish and intuitive design. iPhone takes away all the complexity that can make other smartphones difficult to use and strips things down to the simple but functional. Apple also retain control over what software can be developed for iPhone, ensuring a much higher quality level for both apps and the operating system.

Apple maintain a much smaller stable of products than other manufacturers, preferring to focus on one or maybe two flagships per year. Fortunately the focused design of the iPhone family means that the software innovations in the latest iPhone can be used on older models, so you’ll always stay up to date!

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