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Refurbished phones can be a great companion for your Three SIMO contract. All Renewed iPhones are carefully tested and refreshed to make sure they are in perfect working order and tip-top condition before they’re sent on to their forever homes.

Mobile phone Networks don’t always offer Refurbished phones, so we recommend Amazon Renewed. Amazon work with a range of suppliers to make sure there is always a great range of refurbished phones available.

Refurbished phones from Amazon

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Refreshed iPhones are often phones that have been returned to a retailer or network within 14 days of being purchased. Your refreshed iPhone may come in plain packaging rather than the original Apple packaging, but otherwise it’s just like new. You will get the same accessories as you would buying new, and a standard 12-month warranty for extra peace of mind.

Are refurbished phones worth buying?

Absolutely. Refurbished or refreshed mobile phones come with two distinct advantages. They allow you to tailor your mobile phone contract with a great SIM deal, and they make the phone you want much more affordable. When you combine a Three SIM deal with a refurbished phone you are likely to pay less and receive more texts, minutes and data than a normal contract for the same phone.

Can you trust refurbished or refreshed phones?

Yes, you can trust refurbished phones. when you purchase through a trusted retailer like Amazon you are covered by their user friendly returns process and even if the worst does happen and your phone is affected by issues all renewed phones are covered by a 12 month warranty.

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