3 SIM Only Deals

Join the millions of people making the move to 3 SIM Only Deals. SIMO works just the same as a mobile phone contract – you pay a fixed amount for a bundle of calls, texts and data each month. But because you already have a mobile it’s much cheaper than a phone contract, with plans starting from as little as £5 a month.

12 Month SIMO Deals

12 month SIM only contracts are usually considered the best combination of price and flexibility. You can get unlimited calls and texts plus a very usable amount of data for less that £10 per month. 

1 Month SIMO Deals

Don’t want to be tied down? A 30 day rolling contract helps you enjoy access to Three’s great data speeds and national coverage, and cancel whenever you like.

24 Month Three SIM Only Contracts

3 SIM Only Deals - why we like them

  • Great value for money and compatible with all unlocked Standard-SIM phones
  • Easily port and keep your old phone number and mobile
  • 30-day plans for when you don’t want to be tied down
  • 5G for the price of 4G, free calls to 0800 numbers & much more

Three sim only plans are built for the internet from the ground up. They give you great data options because 3 know how much you love to use data on your smartphones when you’re out and about. Three’s network is “built for internetting”, which means you get great coverage, fantastic service and no surprise data bills at the end of the month.

If you’re looking for something simple and specific, Three have you covered with SIM contracts which just give you minutes, or texts, or data, at a bargain price. This way you’ll only be paying for the things that you want. 3 SIM plans are built for the internet – not only are they 5G ready, but they come with generous data allowances and a guarantee that you’ll never get a surprise data bill.

To transfer an old phone number over to 3 you will need to call your old network provider and ask for the unlocking code and PAC code for your phone (the PAC code will let you keep your old mobile number on your new SIM card). Using an old phone with your new SIM is very easy and takes no time at all – just stick the new SIM card into your unlocked handset, and before long you will be up and running with a phone that you love and a contract that couldn’t be better.

Can I port my phone number to Three?

Yes, if you have a phone number with another network you can purchase a new Three contract and keep your old number. You just need to ask your old network to issue a PAC code, which 3 can use to transfer your number to your new deal.

Can I buy these contracts to use with my existing Three number?

The deals listed on this site are for new contracts that come with a brand new Three phone number. If you have a Three contract already then you can’t transfer that number to these contracts. If you are an existing Three contract customer then don’t worry – just log into your three account using the app or website to find a range of  upgrade offers just for you.

Can I upgrade my 3 Pay As You Go to a monthly contract?

Yes. If you have a Three PAYG phone then the contracts on this page are suitable for you. Three make it easy to move your phone number from a Pay As You Go SIM to a new Pay Monthly SIM. 

Simply select and purchase a new contract and then apply to Three to transfer your old number. Any remaining credit will also be applied to your new contract.

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