3 Pay As You Go SIM deals

Three offer a simple, flat rate tariff on all of their Pay-As-You-Go SIMs. When you first order your pay as you go SIM or phone you’ll need to purchase an add on at the same time. Add ons are bundles of minutes, texts and data that last 30 days. They are a great way to get the most out of your phone and come with data amounts that have been carefully calculated to match real life requirements.
Easy and Cost Effective Pay As You Go SIM Deals
Looking for a Pay As you go phone?

You can also get a brand new phone on Pay As you go. We have a whole section of the site dedicated to Three Pay As You go phones.

Three offer their entire range of handsets on PAYG, from affordable handsets to the latest iPhones and dual screen Androids.

Cheapest Pay As You Go Phones
Why choose Pay As You Go SIMs?

With a Pay As You Go SIM Card from 3 you can enjoy the ultimate flexibility with your mobile phone. These sim deals mean you can keep your existing phone and simply switch in the right sim card for your phone. On a Three Pay As You Go plan it’s easy to top up your phone and keep a track of your usage so you don’t end up spending more than you want on a mobile.

Simply click on the Three PAYG SIM that you want to find out more about to get more information straight from Three.

New Three Supercharged Pay As You Go!

In March 2020 Three updated their Pay As You Go offering with new data bundles, Go Roam and 5G as standard. This was quite an upgrade over the old 3-2-1 packages which were already well thought of.

Three PAYG SIMs come with data pack bundles that give exactly what they sound like – an allowance of data that you can use over the month. You don’t have to commit to a data bundle every month and you don’t have to always buy the same one – you can scale up and down or even take a break completely to suit your needs. Even though it sounds counterintuitive to buy a monthly bundle for a Pay As you go SIM or phone it is much cheaper than buying the same data allowance on a Pay As You Go basis.

Go Roam on Pay As You Go

Go Roam is a key feature for Three users that sets the standard for mobile roaming on any network so it is great to see it available on PAYGO. Now all Three users can use their phone abroad just like at home without running up a huge bill. 71 countries are covered including all of Europe and most key global holiday destinations including Australia, America and New Zealand.

No Credit Checks!

Don’t want to risk unnecessary searches on your credit history? Well don’t worry, Three don’t perform any credit checks for Pay As You Go SIMs or phones.

What's that £90 SIM deal about? Why would I buy that?

It does look a bit scary doesn’t it! Don’t worry, there is a perfectly good reason for the price. It gives you unlimited data for 90 days. That is enough for a long holiday or an entire term in education. Coupled with Go Roam it can be great if you are travelling regularly and don’t want to be bothered with extra admin (please note that unlimited data plans do still have some sensible usage limits when roaming).

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