3 Mobile Broadband SIM Deals

About Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband lets you connect to the internet on the go, without needing a landline phone connection. Mobile broadband devices connect to a mobile phone network (such as Three) in order to send and receive data in the same way as a mobile phone.

The main difference between mobile broadband and regular broadband is that because you don’t need to pay line rental or physically connect to a statically located router, you’re free to move around and be truly mobile. Our dongles and MiFi devices even work on buses and trains – so you can make more of the daily commute!

And thanks to an independent survey carried out by YouGov, you can rest assured that you’re getting amazing value for money. We were voted Best Retailer for Mobile broadband, topping the charts for reliability, ease of use and overall quality of service.

How Does MBB work?

Setting up your new mobile broadband dongle or MiFi is incredibly simple – just connect your laptop to your mobile device and you’re ready to do. The data card in your device connects to the Three mobile network, and transfers data using the mobile signal. With 3 Mobile, you can reach speeds comparable to home broadband.

The exact speed depends on the type of device you purchase, and the signal strength in your area – take a look at our 3 mobile broadband Coverage Checker if you’re unsure about possible signal strength in the areas you work and live.

What types of Mobile Broadband are there?

3 Dongle

If the device you’re looking to connect has a USB port, then a dongle may be the product for you. Dongles are small, and don’t require any external power, making them 100% portable and very easy to sue. Simply plug the dongle into the USB port and you’ll be connected to the internet immediately and automatically – internet on the go has never been easier! When you’re done surfing, simply remove the dongle from your device.

3 MiFi

Looking to connect more than one device to the internet at a time? Want to connect a device that doesn’t have a USB port (such as an iPad)? A MiFi is exactly what you need. Our MiFi devices create their own wireless network, which up to ten wireless devices can connect to and share the internet allowance included in your chosen data package. Like with the dongle, our range of MiFi devices here at Three are all pocket-sized, so there’s no hefting around large bits of equipment!

3 Mobile Broadband SIM Only

Do you already have an iPad or other Tablet, but don’t need the multiple-device option of a MiFi? You can simply purchase a 3 mobile broadband MicroSIM instead, and easily insert it into your tablet! These SIM cards are specifically designed for the iPad & Tablets, and come loaded with various data allowances to suit your needs.

Do I need to be an existing MBB customer?

Not at all – anyone can sign up for 3 mobile broadband. You don’t need to own a handset from Three in order to benefit.

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