Samsung Mobile Phone contracts from Three

Why Choose Samsung?

Samsung are experts at cutting-edge display technology and in this regard their latest Galaxy model does not disappoint. The S10’s huge super AMOLED screen occupies almost the whole of the front of the phone to provide an amazing visual experience with sharp colours whether you’re watching movies, browsing the web or playing the latest games. For an even larger screen and better battery life, Samsung are also offering the S20 plus for the ultimate multimedia experience on the go.

For great all-round performance at an affordable price, we recommend the compact Samsung Galaxy A52. Its super AMOLED display makes colours really pop out compared with the competition and its fast qualcom processor ensures that it can switch between apps and browse the web quickly without  running out of battery halfway through the day.

In Korean, Samsung means “three stars”. Samsung began in 1938 as a small export business in South Korea, and has since grown to become one of the world’s leading electronics companies. It started out by exporting fish, vegetables and fruit, and then moved on to manufacturing, founding various different companies on the way. In the 70s Samsung started manufacturing electrical products and by 1978 it had produced the largest volume of black and white TVs in the world.

Samsung was making phones with advanced features as early as 1999 when it released the very first mp3-capable phone. This success continued and in 2007 Samsung overtook Motorola to become the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The Galaxy series has gone from strength to strength, with the Galaxy S going toe-to-toe with the iPhone 4 and the incredibly popular Galaxy S II cementing itself as one of the most powerful phones to hit the mass market.

Today Samsung Electronics is the largest technology company in the world by sales. Samsung technology is found in the phones of many other manufacturers, including the iPhone and iPad! As experts in display technology they also provide display panels to companies like Sony, Dell and HP, and manufacture 98% of the world’s AMOLED displays.

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