Questions from Three customers

At Store-3 we try our best to answer all the questions that we are asked, whether that is about a great deal you have seen online, or how to optimise your account to save money. We built this page to save you time by answering the most common questions we are asked.

Please Remember that we aren’t Three so we can’t see any details about your account or order – if you are enquiring about delivery dates, credit acceptance or need to change an existing contract then only Three can assist you.

Common questions we receive

I placed my order last week but I have't heard anything back yet. What gives?

Sadly during the Covid crisis courier companies are under increased pressure and this does sometimes increase delivery times.

Most Three Orders are delivered by DPD. You should receive a SMS message from DPD on the day of your order with an approximate time and the opportunity to reschedule if required.

I ordered a phone with a mobile contract last week but I have only received the SIM. Where is my phone?

There are two possible answers to this question, depending on how and where you purchased the phone. 

  • If you are positive you ordered direct from Three then check your email inbox for updates, including spam or junk folders, as Three emails are sometimes incorrectly flagged. If you  still can’t find anything then you need to speak to Three for an update.
  • If you ordered the phone after being contacted via email or over the phone then you need to verify your order as soon as possible.
    We aren’t saying anything untoward has happened, but you need to be sure, and finding out as soon as possible can limit the impact.
You called me / sent me an email last week about a great deal. Can I still get it?

Store-3 works with Three to identify great deals and introduce them to new customers online. We don’t send marketing emails or call people. If you received an unsolicited email or phone call from someone claiming to be Store-3 then you should disregard it. We will never ask you for passwords, account access or any type of payment or bank details.

I want to cancel my order

Really sorry you want to cancel your three order. We can’t see your account details so you need speak to Three to do this.

I found this deal online and it looks great. Can I move my existing Three contract onto it?

Most of the deals that Three provides are for new customers only. If you are an existing customer there is usually a range of exclusive “upgrade” or “existing customer” offers in your My3 account.

A Note about fraud. Mobile phones are expensive items and sadly they attract unwanted attention from people who may not have your best interests at heart. Some of the answers to our questions touch on this. 

Don’t worry, if you purchased from three or a reputable retailer you are perfectly safe, but when a customer mentions details that suggest otherwise we ask you to double check, just in case. You’re probably fine, but we would rather be safe than sorry.

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