Amazon Alexa Devices for Three Mobile customers

Amazon Alexa and the Echo range of devices have revolutionised home automation and entertainment. Together with Three, the best UK network for data, you can take Alexa with you wherever you go.

This clever gizmo connects your car to your phone, giving you the full power of Alexa while you drive!

Integrate Alexa with your cars built in entertainment system to play your Amazon Prime Music like you have never heard it before!

Echo Buds

Echo Buds connect streamlessly with Alexa to play music streams, play audiobooks  and perform everyday jobs like making calls or managing your calendar. 

Echo buds use Bose technology so you know you will get the best possible audio experience.

The echo dot is a powerful home assistant with great music abilities and an ever growing range of skills. With a porttable battery and your Three data plan you can use it wherever you like!

Amazon lists a whole range of portable cases that add up to 16 hours of battery to your Echo dot. If you are looking to hold an impromptu word game or just want someone to talk to on your travels now you can!

What other amazon devices are there?

Amazon are always pushing the boundaries with echo devices. From a whole range of connected speakers to experimental AI powered cameras, the echo range keeps growing.

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Why are Alexa and Echo devices so good together?

Amazon is well known for its huge online marketplace, but at its heart it is a technology company. All of Amazons success is driven by its ongoing investment in technology and the way it combines seemingly unrelated developments to create killer products. At the core of Echo and Alexa is the most sophisticated cloud computing system in the world – Amazon Web Services. AWS provides the computing power to answer every question Alexa is asked, and importantly it does it affordably. Anyone can pay to use AWS, but since it is their own system Amazon is the unquestionable expert at making the best AI apps and services on the AWS platform. 

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