3 Tariff Guide

Three offer a wide selection tariffs ranging from 500MB to All-You-Can-Eat data. So whether you want a short 30-day SIM to tide you over or you’re looking for a longer 12 or 24 month deal to make the most of Three’s low-cost plans, there is something for you:

12 Month SIM Only

We think 12 Month SIMO contracts are the best value for most people. 12 months is long enough for Three to be able to offer great rates, but short enough that you aren’t tied in for too long. Perfect if you are waiting for the next great phone to be released.

24 Month SIM Only

By committing to 2 years you get the highest data allowances at the lowest price possible. If you already have a handset that you are happy using for a while then a 24 month contract is the perfect companion.

1 Month rolling SIM Only

Great for both short term uses, or longer periods where your usage may change, a 1 month SIM contract is flexible and reliable.

24 Month Mobile Phone Contracts

Looking for a new phone connected to the best network for data? We have hundreds of great deals just for you.

Choose the phone you want and pay for it over 24 months. Balance the monthly cost and upfront cost to stay within your budget.

Discounted 24 Month Contracts
Pay As You Go Phones

You don’t have to pay for a phone in instalments – you can purchase it outright if you like. Couple it with a Pay As you go SIM data bundle that you can change every month for the ultimate in flexibility.