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Three’s award winning network brings you some fantastic exclusive benefits. Not only were Three voted the overall Best Network in the UK by uSwitch’s independent panel, they were are regularly awarded Best Network for Roaming and Fastest 3G Network.

Plus, with their 5G network rollout picking up speed, soon you’ll have the fastest, smoothest data speeds around – right at your fingertips!
If you want even more reasons to snag yourself a phone on Three, then read more about these great benefits of being a Three customer.

  • Most Reliable
    We know that people think the Three network is poor. Guess what? It’s rated the most reliable network in the UK for calls, texts and data.
  • Go Roam
    Being charged to use your phone abroad isn’t great. With Three you can use it abroad at no extra cost in 50 destinations.
  • 5G as standard
    Paying extra for 5G sucks. Three believe you should get fast internet at no extra cost.
  • Lowest PAYG Rates
    Three make your credit last longer by offering the lowest Pay As You Go rates in the UK. That’s 3p a minute, 2p a text, 1p per MB of data.
  • Three Unlocked
    Locked phones suck. That’s why all Three handsets come unlocked. So you can do what you want with it. Go on, we trust you.
  • Free 0800 Calls
    Being charged to make 0800 calls sucks. That’s why Three were the first network to make 0800 calls free.


No Out of Bundle costs on Three’s Internet Plans

Most 3 smartphones are compatible with Wi-Fi, which means that you can connect to your home and work Wi-Fi networks, and will only need to rely on your 4G or 5G data connection when you’re out of a Wi-Fi zone. This means that if you’re not on an All-You-Can-Eat plan, your data will stretch even further!

Three will also keep a track of the amount of data you use in a month. When you are approaching your limit, you will receive a text message telling you exactly how much data you have left to use. Once you have used up the whole allowance, Three will prevent you from accessing services that will use data, and thus prevent you from receiving ridiculous out of tariff charges.

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