Motorola Razr deals on Three

It’s the phone everyone has been waiting for – an updated classic for the 5G age. Can you get it on the best network for data?

The short answer

The Motorola Razr isn’t available on Three just yet. We are sure it will be available, but at the moment there is no firm release date.

What do you suggest instead?

Take a look at these phones for top performance, great battery life and stunning looks:

When is the new Razr due on 3?

Three don’t have a release date for the Motorola Razr just yet. One thing is sure – it will be very expensive when it first launches, so waiting a short while is a good idea.

As soon as the Razr is available you can be sure it will be listed on

Why is everyone so excited about the Motorola Razr?

The original Razr phone was a groundbreaking device that bought style, convenience and sleek sophistication to a market dominated by clumsy candy bar phones with garish covers and tinny ringtones. And it was a flip phone, which istantly made it cool.

Even if you don’t remember the original it is ok to get excited about the new one. 

The Razr does things different

Motorola isn’t afraid to break the mould, and the Razr certainly doesn’t play it safe.

First off, there is the full length, foldable screen which introduces an entirely new form factor to your browsing. Expect unique games, apps and experiences.

Second, power. Motorola have made a bold choice but choosing the latest SnapDragon 600 series processor to power their new flagship. This excellent, efficient processor is usually considered “mid-range”, but we think it is a work of genius. Less processing power means more battery power, and honestly that is more important.

Are world events affecting the Razr launch?

We haven’t heard anything for sure, but it is safe to say that the Corona Virus emergency is affecting launches and logistics across the globe. Be prepared to wait a little longer.