3 Corona Virus Update (Covid-19)

Current Status

  • Three Stores are now re-opened
  • Orders are being shipped, but delays are possible.
  • DPD reporting no significant delays
  • Access to NHS websites and calls to NHS 111 are not being charged
  • “Collect In Store” no longer available (since March 2020)

Three are still shipping orders so there is currently no reason to delay or hold off ordering a three SIM or phone, but you should expect delays. 

3 Stores

All 3 Stores are closing in accordance with UK Government advice during the national lockdown. Staff from 3 stores can still be contacted using the online chat service.

Collect In Store

While it is still mentioned in some areas of the Three website, the “collect in store” option was suspended in March 2020 with the first national lockdown, and has not been available since.


Some visitors have reported delays of 1 day on their orders. DPD and Three are reporting that their operations are proceeding as normally as possible, but localised delays are possible.

Call Centre

Due to limited staff 3 are not promoting their phone number as a the best way to contact them at the moment. In the meantime you are encouraged to use the online chat service, which puts you in touch with an expert 3 salesperson from a 3 store.

Free 111 calls and NHS website access

All PAYGO and contract customers now receive free access to all NHS websites and the NHS 111 service.

Previous Announcements

Confirmation that collect in store is suspended (18th March 2021)

Confirmed with 3 online chat to a store advisor.

  • Hi. when the shops reopen in April, can I order a SIM online and collect it in store, or is that just for phones?
    • Hi there, no you would need to go into a store and order a sim, we only offer collections on phones I’m afraid. We haven’t even done the collection from store at all for quite a while to be totally honest ??
  • Oh, it was advertised up to the first lockdown. in fact it is still on the Three website.
    • Yes thats correct, it has not been available since March last year
  • Will it be available when lockdown lifts?
    • I don’t believe it will be until the restrictions are completely lifted. We didn’t start doing it when we reopened last year between mid June and November so I believe it won’t be until everything is back to normal now.

Stores closing during lockdown (4th January 2021)

Due to the current circumstances, all 3 stores nationwide are temporarily closed. Three staff continue to support customers online – you can speak to a friendly store advisor without leaving your home with  Three Store Now: http://www.three.co.uk/three-store-now .

Stores Re-opening! (15th June 2020)

Three stores are opening across the country where it is safe to do so. All stores will follow strict distancing rules and you may be asked to queue outside. Check the store locator to see if your local store is open.

You can still contact a store representative without leaving your home with  Three Store Now, the online chat service with friendly store advisors http://www.three.co.uk/three-store-now .

A message from Three (24th March 2020)

Important update about customer support and our stores
Following government guidance, we’re closing our stores and our contact centre staff won’t be able to get to work as usual. Our aim is to look after those who are most vulnerable so please use other ways to get support during this time like Three App and our website that is available 24/7.

Or you can talk to us live on our website on Three Store Now, our online chat service with friendly store advisors http://www.three.co.uk/three-store-now for general product questions 9am-6pm.

A message from Three (22nd March 2020)

Important update about our contact centres
We know this is when you’ll rely on your phones and devices more than ever. What you can be sure of is that we’re doing absolutely everything possible to keep you connected.

Due to the impact of Coronavirus and advice from the Indian government, our contact centres are currently operating a reduced service.

To help us to protect our most vulnerable customers, such as those currently without service, where possible, please hold off on calling us or using Chat. You can still manage your account, top-up, and get support via the Three app, and via our website. You can also get help in your local store.

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