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Ubuntu Phone

Canonical, the makers of the world's most popular Linux distribution, are making a phone version of their Ubuntu OS. It's a slick, sleek and futuristic operating system that looks and acts like nothing you've ever seen before.

Three Ubuntu Phone Messaging

If you're getting sick of the old iOS or Android platforms, why not try something new? Check out below what it can do for you.

Ubuntu Phone Design

The OS is based on gestures - to make using your apps even easier than ever before. Everything is just a finger stroke away. You can easily switch between apps without having to go back to the homescreen each time.

Swipe in from the left of the screen to see your favourite and running apps. Wherever you are, you can get to where you want to in the blink of an eye. Even better, you don't need to clutter up your screen with loads of buttons or controls - simply swipe to where you want to be. Immerse yourself in your photos and videos without the mess or complication of multiple option screens.

Another clever function is the search feature. More powerful than anything you've seen before, a simple search will trawl your email, contacts, messages, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and the whole internet to bring you what you're looking for. If you're searching for a song that you think you've already downloaded, it will search both your phone and the Amazon music store so you have the option to buy it if you don't already own it.

Ubuntu Phone Features

Canonical have re-created the inbox in your phone so that you can have easier and more streamlined access to all of your incoming and outgoing messages. Get Facebook, Twitter and texts all in one place.

Ubuntu Phone Apps

Because Ubuntu has already been around on PCs for a while, it offers fantastic support for your other devices and your desktop - whether you run iOS, Windows, Android or OSX you can store and access all your info in the cloud. All the pictures you take on the phone's camera can be uploaded straight to your personal cloud account accessible from anywhere in the world.

Ubuntu Phone Apps

Ubuntu has built-in support for almost all of your favourite apps. And if there isn't an app for it, you can still add a shortcut to the web app to your homescreen. You can have seamless online experience, blending free online apps with fully installed apps. And because the whole system is Open Source, it's really easy for developers to create apps for it.

Twitter, Facebook and other major software has already been integrated so that you can get everything you need straight into one inbox. Plus, because it uses the same drivers as Android and is based on similar Linux code many apps will be compatible straight across. This would give you access to the world's biggest collection of mobile apps and features with the easiest way to create more.

Ubuntu Phone Preview

We're going to get our hands on an early developer build to try and give you the best and most up to date first impressions. We'll keep you posted so be sure to bookmark this page and check back.

Check out the official Ubuntu Phone Press Release for more information about this release.

Also, for more information check out the Ubuntu website for background info on what makes Ubuntu special.