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Three iPhone 5s and 5c

Store-3 are delighted to present the latest, greatest iPhones - the 5s and 5c, the smartphone launches of the year.

The iPhone 5 has now been discontinued, but you can of course get your hands on a great range of refurbished iPhone 5 handsets for premium technology at great value prices!

iPhone 5s on Three


This amazing new handset really is the phone of the future. With Touch ID technology, a blazing A7 chip processor under the hood, and a state-of-the-art camera, the iPhone 5s is quite possibly the best handset of the year. Plus it comes preloaded with Apple's sparkling new operating system, iOS 7, which sports a stunning, minimalist new interface that's bright and beautiful. More than that, iOS 7 is designed to make your smartphone experience even easier and more intuitive than ever. It's packed with a bunch of great multi-tasking features, including AirDrop, the instant alternative to sharing files over text and email. With AirDrop, you simply select the file you wish to send, pick the recipient, and it instantly appears in their feed. It's staightforward, direct and brilliantly simple. With all these features combined, the iPhone 5s is one of the very best handsets on the market.

Touch ID Technology
Fed up of spending ages tapping in passcodes every time you need to access your phone? With the new laser-cut sapphire crystal fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 5s reads your fingerprint like a password and grants you instant and unique access to all your content. You can even enrol the fingerpritns of family and friends if you're in the sharing mood! Why not make an iTunes or App Store purchase by pressing your fingerprint onto the scanner? With this innovative new technology, Apple have created the most intuitive smartphone experience around.
A7 Chip Processor
This blistering processor provides efficiency and performance never before seen in an iPhone. The graphics performance is twice as quick as that achieved by the already-impressive A6 processor, which fires the engine of the 5c. Plus, with the M7 coprocessor, it actually works to preserve battery life as you zip from app to app, game and watch movies. So you'll never have to worry about running out of juice, or sacrificing amazing power and speed.

iPhone 5c on Three


The iPhone 5c retains all the features of the iPhone 5 that we love so much, in a funky new body that's an exciting, all-new look for Apple. Crafted from sleek plastic and available in a range of fun, vivid colours- blue, green, pink, white and yellow -the 5c is beautifully light and bright. It's reinforced with steel, too, so it's perfectly strong and durable. It also runs iOS 7 straight out of the box, so you'll get the most natural, intuitive smartphone experience around. As well cool updates like the gallery upgrade, which sorts your photos into Moments, Collections and Years so it's easier and more fun than ever to relive your favourite memories, iOS 7 boasts fantastic multitasking features, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Apple Maps
Apple brings turn-by turn directions to their built in Maps features. Graphics and text are more detailed than ever before and panning is super smooth. You can even soar over cityscapes looking down at the sights in high resolution.
Siri Voice Control
Siri just got smarter, now working in more countries so you can ask for what you need wherever you are. Siri can open apps for you, find movie times, and keep you posted on the latest sports scores. Best of all, it can now post status updates for you.
Deeper Facebook Integration
The iPhone 5 now has Facebook built in - you can interact on Facebook within apps. Post your location from Maps, sync your events in Calendar, add profile information to Contacts or recommend apps in the App Store.
Facetime is now set up to work over the mobile phone network, meaning you don't need to be tied to a WiFi connection to see someone across the world.
Keep track of your boarding passes, cinema tickets, loyalty cards and even coupons straight from your app. If you're flying, it will even remind you of your terminal and flight times.
Phone Enhancements
Improved phone features include the ability to decline a call and send a text message. They've even included a Do Not Disturb function so you won't be bothered by anyone when you don't want to be.
Safari Upgrades
iOS 7 has the best browsing experience. iCloud Tabs track pages you left open to continue where you were. Even browse offline with Reading List and upload photos to the internet straight from the browser.
Mail Enhancements
Create VIP lists so that you can easily view priority emails from people. It's even easier to add photos and videos late at night. Refresh the inbox easily with a single swipe.