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The Samsung Galaxy Mega Previews on Three

The Next BIG Thing on 3

Just as our eyes were adjusting to the mammoth 5.5" screen of the Galaxy Note II, Samsung have released the next size up. Expect big things - literally! - from the Samsung Galaxy Mega, which will sports a goliath 6.3" HD display, stealing the title of world's largest smartphone. And it's available now, free from £33 a month with no data limits!

As the name suggests, this slab of multi-media marvels will be ideal for all-purpose media consumption, in effect like a pocketable tablet, although this device is still firmly in 'phablet' territory, measuring up at 0.7inches smaller than the iPad Mini. Clearly 5.5" just didn't quite cut it for some!

Read on for our in-depth round-up of all the pre-launch rumours!



The Three Samsung Galaxy Mega: Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Mega certainly isn't compensating for anything, with a dual-core 1.7GHz processor driving the latest Android operating system (4.2.2 Jelly Bean). The 8MP camera comes with enough photo editing software to keep you entertained for days, and there's a 1.9MP front-facing camera for video calls - which, on a 6.3" screen, is going to look fantastic. Add to that the same design style of the Galaxy S4, with very narrow bezels to give you the best possible screen-size:bezel ratio, and you have a phone made for media, whether it's videos, photos, articles, gaming, social networking, emails...

Galaxy Mega Vs Galaxy Note II


So what are the differences between the two devices? Well, the Note II might be smaller, but it was also designed to be at the peak of technological sophistication, hence the quad-core processor and the Super AMOLED screen - and let's not forget the stylus. That's not to pit the Note II against the Mega though: both have excellent 8MP cameras with autofocus, face and smile detection, LED flash, geo-tagging enabled...all that jazz. And where the Note II runs at 1.6GHz on quad-core, the Mega runs at 1.7GHz but on dual-core. Both are exceptionally capable phones - the Mega has size on its side, making multi-window tasks easier. It might not have built hugely on the impressive specs of the Note II - but given how cutting-edge it was at its release at the end of 2012, there's still nothing lagging or out-of-date about the same specs in the Mega.

Samsung Galaxy Mega on 3: UK Price

It's still early days to be coming out with any definitive pricing on Three. However, Samsung have confirmed that the phablet will be RRP'ed at £459.99, so you can probably expect monthly plans between £30-40.


Three Samsung Galaxy Mega: UK Release Date

Fingers crossed, the mammoth Mega will be released into the wild in early July, although we can't say for sure. What we can say is that there'll be a Samsung Premiere 2013 GALAXY & ATIV event in London on 20th June, where there'll be plenty of exciting demonstrations and previews. Bookmark this page and we'll keep you updated on all the tantalising new teaser snippets!