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4G for the price of 3G On Three Mobile

What is 4G on Three?

4G is the next evolution of speedy mobile internet – a step up from the 3G that most smartphones currently provide. For some customers, Three’s 4G network will be faster than even their home broadband connection, which on average stands at 9.6Mbps, compared to the potential 50Mbps that’s achievable on 4G.

Can I get 4G?

Three’s 4G rollout is on target to provide coverage to selected sites in 50 cities and many more towns by the end of 2014, and to cover 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015. And because Three offer true All-You-Can-Eat data plans, you’ll be able to access the internet, stream content or download to your heart’s content at ultrafast 4G speeds.

To check coverage in your area, take a look at our Coverage Checker. If Three haven’t caught up to your area just yet, don’t worry! Buying a 4G handset is still a good investment, as you’ll still get great 3G coverage, and will auto-connect to the best network speeds in your area.

Since most of our handsets are now 4G capable, we have decided to list our ‘top ten’ below. To see the rest, take a look at our All Phones page here on the Store-3 website. Our 4G-ready handsets start from as little as £20 per month, so get in the 4G game now, and check out these amazing 4G-ready, super-speedy phones from Three below!

4G for the Price of 3G

Starting now, you’ll be able to get speedy 4G service on Three for no extra cost. Unlike other 4G network providers, Three are committed to giving their customers access to super-fast 4G technology without hiking up their prices.

4G on 3 Mobile

Still not convinced? Here are a few of the great benefits you’ll find with Three’s 4G.

  • 4G at No Extra cost: Everyone can enjoy the benefits of 4G with no catches. All customers with a 4G device can now start enjoying speedier internet access – all at no extra cost.
  • The latest 4G devices: If you’re going to enjoy the benefits of 4G, make sure you choose from Three’s great range of the latest 4G devices. If you’re already a Three customer and have a 4G device, simply download the handset’s latest software update.
  • Make the most of 4G with our worry-free data plans: 3 have introduced a range of new pay monthly price plans to give you different ways of managing your spend. These new plans still include all-you-can-eat data, so you'll be able to enjoy 4G without worrying about going over your allowance or getting any nasty surprise data bills.

With all of these great reasons to join Three on 4G, don’t miss out!

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