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The real bonus of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, GoSMS or GroupMe is that the messages don’t count towards your SMS or MMS limit, which is particularly great if you’re roaming abroad. BBM might have been the first on the market, but the messaging possibilities have since become kaleidoscopic and, as Google are now tying with Apple at 700,000 apps each, you’re sure to find some weird and wonderful, creative and crazy ways of sending your message.

Here’s a list of Store-3’s favourite messaging apps for your delectation…



Last year’s winner of the Best Messaging App category at the Best App Ever Awards, WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app, so you can share messages and plans whatever phone your friends have, be it Android, iOS, Nokia, BlackBerry BB or Windows Phone. This is perhaps what sets it most apart from services like BBM and iMessage – and it still works without using up your SMS allowance.

Up and running in an instant, it automatically detects which of your contacts have the app. Set up group messages, exchange photos, videos, music files or news items at the tap of a button - and while it might not offer video or group calls, it does have a very light footprint, so won’t gobble up your data usage or battery.

Runs on: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | BlackBerry BB

Store-3 recommends with: HTC One and the Nokia Lumia 520




It’s all systems go with this app! With a highly customisable interface including a wide selection of themes and font packs, it’s easy to make this your own and, with the optional pop-up notifications, easy to keep up with too. It runs in three modes - Pro, Normal, and Lite – which offer different levels of performance and enabled features, and which use up your battery and data at varying rates.


What really sets Go SMS apart is the ability to perform batch actions: select all, search all, delete all – and you can also back-up messages to your email, dropbox, or SD card. So if your phone is swiped, wiped or replaced, you can still restore all your messages and memories. But the best is yet to come, with the scheduling function that allows you to write a message to be sent at a later time. Don’t want to disturb someone is their class/seminar/meeting? Easy, just set the message to Go for afterwards, so it’ll be the first thing they see when they come out!

Runs on: Android | Windows Phone | iOS

Store-3 recommends with: Google Nexus 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Fame




The major advantage with GroupMe has to be the conference calls option, which neither counts towards your minutes nor sets any time restriction on the calls you do make. It’s quick and painless to set up groups, all of which are assigned their own individual number. This makes it easy to snap and share photos for example, as you but simply tap in the group number and you’re away.It also sports Foursquare integration, which lets you check into venues and tag your friends’ locations, and even if your friends don’t have Foursquare, you can still tag them in a location, so they won’t get left behind!


The conference call aspect of GroupMe does use up a fair amount of data, but then with Three’s genuinely Unlimited Data Plans and no fair usage policy, that needn’t worry you in the least.

Runs on: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Store-3 recommends with: Sony Xperia M and the LG G2


Facebook Messaging


Of course, the mighty Facebook needs a mention! This great app updates in real time so there’s no need to refresh to keep abreast of your friends’ latest messages: you’re always in the loop. You can get to your message in a single tap and choose from your Facebook or your phone contacts. Reply either as a message or through Facebook chat. Name groups and message threads to help you keep track of your plans and social groups, attach photos and share your location, and you can sign up to optional alerts.


The main advantage of Facebook has to be the fact that so many people are already signed up to it, too, so from the moment you sign in, you can be pretty sure there’ll be a long list of contacts ready to greet you.


Runs on: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Store-3 recommends with: iPhone 5s and the HTC Desire 500




Great for both long- and short-distance calls, including video and conference, Skype is already well established as having plenty to offer. In fact, given emphasis on video calls, it’s particularly advantageous for tablets as well as phones. It offers its own IM service, through which it’s easy to send photos and files, and there are even a fantastically low rates for calling mobiles, landlines and abroad.


Like Facebook, many people already have an account, so it’s a great app to have installed. And, like GroupMe, it does chomp through data, but you can also get the Skype-on-Three App which gives you free and unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls that don’t eat into your data allowance!

Runs on: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Store-3 recommends with: Sony Xperia Z1 and the Nokia Lumia 1020