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There are many great reasons to be eager about switching to Three, and seeing amazing new mobiles is just one of them!

We keep our eyes peeled when it comes to spotting hot new handsets so we can bring you up-to-the-minute information on what you can soon expect to be available.

From the latest edition of the iPhone to the snazziest new mobile WiFi device and everything in between, you can find everything on this page. We update it as regularly as we can, so be sure to keep checking back!

Motorola Razr

Back to the future from Moto

Not the most advanced phone on this list, but still the one we (and everyone else) are the most excited about. You see, the Razr is a flip phone! Not a boring folding phone like the Galaxy Fold or Mate XS, but an honest tribute to the coolest phone ever.

The Razr is already shipping in some areas, but hasn’t been released on Three in the UK yet. We have built a dedicated Razr page with the latest Razr news.

Motorola Edge

An affordable 5G flagship

Big screen, innovative curved design and a great price, this is an accessible flagship that delivers on all fronts.

Powered by the Snapdragon 765, the Edge isn’t quite as powerful as some other phones, but that translates to better battery life.

Motorola Edge Plus

108 Megapixel camera...

The Edge Plus isn’t just a large screed version of the Motorola Edge. In fact it has the exact same screen size, but almost every component has received a serious upgrade.

The stand-out features are the huge 108 Megapixel camera and 5000 mAH battery. Snap away all day and have juice to spare.

Google Pixel 5

Autumn 2020?

The pixel 5 is quite a way off but what can we expect? Google has made a name for advanced but uncomplicated devices that showcase a pure Android experience and take amazing photos.

As competition increases we expect Google to up their camera game. So far Google has used clever sotware and expertise to make the most from less camera lenses, but 2020 could see that reversed to keep up with some amazing advances from Samsung, Huawei and Apple

iPhone 12?

Wait and see...

Another year, another iPhone. We know there will be one, but that is about all we know for sure.

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