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Unlocked handsets available from Three

Unlocked Handsets from Three

Three’s handsets are now being sold already unlocked, in a move which will save their customers both time and money in comparison to other providers, who charge for unlocking. Three have also confirmed that any handset previously purchased (and therefore locked to their service ) can be unlocked for free.

What is an Unlocked phone?

An Unlocked handset is a phone which can be used with any network, not just the one it was purchased from. An Unlocked phone has either never been locked to a specific network, or has had a code inputted which unlocks the software. When a phone is Unlocked, the user can put in a SIM card from any other operator and get service.

Why would I want an unlocked phone?

Having an unlocked phone is useful if you finish a contract and want to switch to another provider, or have been given a handset and wish to continue using your current SIM card, which is with a different network. Essentially, with an unlocked phone, a customer can take any SIM card from any network provider, and use it in the handset. A big benefit lies with customers who regularly have to use their mobile phone internationally. If the handset is unlocked, the customer can purchase a prepaid SIM in the country they are travelling to for temporary use.

How do Three unlock their handsets?

If your handset was purchased from Three a while ago, chances are that it will still be locked to the network. Getting the handset unlock is easy, simply GO HERE and follow the instructions on-screen.