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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on Three


Samsung have only just released the Galaxy S4 and already we're talking about when we can expect to see a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini(otherwise referred to as Project J Mini or Serrano), and just what it's bringing to the table. So why not let Store 3 take you through the latest roundup of news, info and S4 Mini teasers. We've thrown in a few leaked images, too, 'coz we're good like that.

Let's start with a little context. It's just been announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has broken records for the most pre-orders ever taken for a smartphone, demonstrating that the hunger for Samsung and Android innovation is truly alive and well. The Galaxy S3 Mini also performed very well with mid-range users, giving every indication that an S4 Mini would be equally, if not more, enthusiastically received.

Three Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: Specifications


We're starting to think Samsung should rethink its naming strategy, because while the S4 Mini might be small in size when compared to the ginormous S4, it's actually not mini at all. The Galaxy S4 Mini on 3 will boast a 4.3" Super AMOLED HD display (bigger than iPhone 5) with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. This gives it 256ppi, which is lower than the S4's 441ppi, but not really low at all.

We're also seeing that the 3 S4 Mini will indeed adhere to tried and true Samsung tradition. Other than looking smaller when sat next to an S4, the S4 Mini sports the same polycarbonate body, thin bezel and curved frame as its big brother. Samsung place a premium on producing lightweight products, and this looks to be no exception. Also in line with its flashier relative, the Galaxy S4 Mini on 3 will come with Android JellyBean 4.2.2 and an overlay of Samsung's newest TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0.

It looks like some of the truly stand-out features of the Galaxy S4, like Air Gestures or Smart Scroll, won't be included on the mini version, but will remain exclusive to the Galaxy S4 after all.

3 Galaxy S4 Mini: Different Variants

Though they've since been removed, recent leaks on Samsung's support pages suggested that there are four variants of the Galaxy S4 Mini in production. These are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: GT-I9190
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini DUOS: GT-I9192
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE: GT-I9195
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for China: GT-I9198

It's pure speculation at this point, of course, but Samsung’s model-naming scheme gives us a clue as to what we might expect from each.

The GT-I9190 is said to bring HSPA+ speeds, an Exynos 5210 quad-core processor (consisting of dual Cortex-A15 and dual Cortex-A7 cores) and ARM big.LITTLE technology to the table. This is, quite literally, a scaled down version of the octa-core Exynos processor and big.LITTLE technology found in some versions of the Galaxy S4. In case you're not au fait, big.LITTLE technology is a way of enhancing smartphone performance and efficiency while reducing battery power consumption, which is good news all round.

Then we have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos (GT-I9192), which is rumoured to also have HSPA+ speeds, but a 1.66GHz dual-core processor - probably a Snapdragon - and dual SIM capability. Of the four, it's the GT-I9195 that looks to be the 4G capable device, whereas the GT-I9198 looks to be aimed exclusively at Chinese markets.

You may have surmised it already, but it's worth noting that Samsung aren't likely planning to distribute all four versions worldwide. These variants are likely to be region-specific, with only one pegged for UK release. Let's hope it's the one that appeals to you most!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on 3: UK Price

Though Samsung have now officially confirmed that they will be launching a Galaxy S4 Mini, it's still too early to have had details on the price yet. If they stick true to tradition, we'd expect to see mid-range pricing in the £20-25 per month range.


Three Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: UK Release Date

The word is that Samsung are looking at a June or July release for the Galaxy Mini S4, which is consistent with what they've done in previous years. What can can say is that there will be some exciting live demonstrations of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini at the Samsung Premiere 2013 GALAXY & ATIV event in London on 20th June. Be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back for the latest news - Store 3 will be bringing you the latest updates as soon as we can!