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HTC One Now On Three!

The HTC One is now available on Three and we're glad to say that it is a fantastic handset. In our humble opinion it might just well be the best phone on the market at the moment. Read on for our full and complete tear down or check out the White HTC One specs now.

HTC One Review

We've managed to get our hands on a White HTC One and it is already stacking up pretty well in comparison to the competition. Just a few of the highlights are its gorgeous, industrial design - reminiscent of, but sufficiently different to, the iPhone 5 - it manages to tread its own path. The camera and all of it's handy features are also a delight. Finally, the impressive hardware and HTC's own heavily customised Android software (Sense UI) mesh together seamlessley delivering a delightfully speedy performance.

The HTC One is gorgeous to look at, hold and interact with. HTC claim to have pioneered a whole new design method in creating the solid, seamless shell of the One which makes the phone feel weighty and powerful when you have it in your hand. Not only does it feel more hi tech than earlier, plasticky HTC phones, it also perfoms a good deal better.


3 HTC One Specs

HTC One boasts a crazy beautiful 4.7" SoLux 1080p full-HD screen at 468ppi (impressive even by latest standards), a 13MP camera of even higher quality than the One X's, and a beefy quad-core 1.7GHz processing chip nestled alongside 2GB RAM. Expect these ultrafast components to be running along at pretty quick on Three's Ultrafast network. It is also 4G enabled and will work perfectly on all of the UK's LTE wavelengths that were sold off in the Government's auction. Three's ultrafast network is the best way to get online with the ultrafast HTC One as it is the speediest 3G network in the country.

Under the outstanding looks, this phone is equally impressive. Let's start with out favourites - HTC have done an impressive job of enhancing the underlying Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system. Rather than the usual bloated affair that manufacturers seem to layer on top of the latest Android releases, HTC's Sense UI is a pleasure to use and comes with some nifty features.

BlinkFeed takes updates from all of your subscriptions, social networks and connections and delivers them in handy tiles straight to your home screen. Simply pulling down updates your feed with the latest info. The only drawback so far that we can find is that if you don't fancy using it, you can't entirely get rid of it. That doesn't harm the experience for you though as you can set the Android home screen as the default with the knowledge that it will always be available with just a single swipe to the left. Furthermore, it requires you to use the news partners that HTC has approved itself rather than allowing you to add your own ones. If you've ever used an Android handset then you won't have a problem learning to use this one.


HTC One Screen

The screen on the HTC One is a gorgeous Full HD 1080p display that, at 4.7", is big enough to watch films, video clips and browse the web on without feeling like it is too chunky in the hand. The clarity is thanks to having 446 pixels per inch which far outstrips the measly 326ppi that you get on the supposedly revolutionary iPhone 5. Already, HTC are well beyond the realms of when you're able to detect the pixels on the screen so watching Netflix or YouTube is a delight. The colours are more realistic than the saturated and rich Samsung Galaxy S4 so you'll get a more realistic view of the photos you've taken on the 13 megapixel camera.

Old HTC Rumours

So, it looks like HTC might just be launching their new flagship smartphone, the HTC One - widely reported as the HTC M7 - very soon in 2013. Although a sum total of zero has actually been confirmed, what we can tell you is that invitations have been sent for an HTC event of some magnitude, that's to take place on February 19th. There've been prolific leaks and rumours for a while now, and it looks like This Could Be It. Launch day beckons.

Looks may not be all-important, but they are just a little bit. The HTC One on Three is thinner and flatter than previous HTC offerings - the curvature of the One X has been discarded in favour of a more streamlined design. As you can see from the pictures it has a real durability and high quality finish that makes it just about the only phone out there that can rival the iPhone 5 for build quality. As a bonus, it doesn't even get scratched anywhere near as much - our HTC in the office has remained in pristine condition far better than the iPhone.

Stacking up in these rumours' favour is that HTC will likely want to launch the One before the 2013 MWC trade show kicks off on Feb 25th in Barcelona. It'll be important to the Taiwanese manufacturer to get ahead of the game and launch the phone before high-end devices from other manufacturers are announced - particularly given Samsung's increasing reputation for making the Android phones of choice.

The HTC One on Three is set to succeed the super-duper HTC One X and One X+. HTC will be hoping to see a vast improvement on the latter's sales figures, which were not as strong as anticipated - something which was widely put down to a weak marketing strategy and the popularity of last year's Samsung Galaxy S3. It's therefore crucial that HTC ensure it debuts with befitting pomp, circumstance and coverage. So, like they said - February 19: Save the Date.

HTC One Price

You can get the HTC One for just £34/per month. Take a look at the White HTC One for yourself and see just how good it is.

If you fancy taking a peek at the HTC One on Three, have a look at what the blog team got up to when they attended the launch event and managed to get their mits on it.