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Our 3 tablets are like mini touchscreen computers. You can use them to do many of the same things you used to do with a PC but without the same size, weight or price. Using the latest touchscreen technologies they give you the functionality of a PC, but functionality that easily slips into a bag, or even a pocket!

These tablets also bring some great new features to the table that you wouldn't be able get elsewhere. You can use them to video-call friends, stream and watch films, play games, edit documents, read books and surf the web with ease. With one of our great value data plans you can use the high speed data network with these tablets on 3.

Tablet Deals On 3

Even More Great Tablets on 3

You're spoilt for choice with our great tablet deals, so make sure you pick out your perfect match! The next generation of tablets will come with keyboards, meaning that we might well be bringing you more 'laplets' on Three in the future. If not, I'm sure you'll hear people talking about 'kablets', 'notelets' or 'tabtops' in the future. Whichever way things go, you can be sure that we at Store 3 will keep you posted on all the latest developments in the tablet world.

And if you're not convinced a tablet is for you, then never fear - we have a range of other options available for a great web experience on the go. From traditional laptops to the up-to-the-minute MiFi, our mobile broadband selection has something for everyone.

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