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Get the newest rumours on the 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6

After a disappointing run with their previous flagship handset – the Galaxy S5 – Samsung have been rumoured to have really gone all out with both the design and the specifications of their 2015 flagship, the Galaxy S6.

We won’t be hearing any official news until at least next month, so in the meantime, here is a roundup of the few most popular rumours currently surrounding this handset.


A number of leaks from more than just a handful of sources have indicated that – while we may not have quite seen the back of plastic casings, Samsung may at least be treating potential customers to metal surrounds. In any case, it appears that Samsung have taken on board the scathing comments of ‘cheap and tacky’ on the materials used on the S5 release, and are actively doing something about it. Whilst it’s looking unlikely that Samsung will aim for a metal unibody, the hope is that if this does end up being the case, they will remember to include a decent size MicroSD card slot on the side or bottom of the device. After the release of Samsung’s ‘curved screens’ on its latest Note range, rumours have also been circulating about the potential for this on the new flagship. With the Note 4 coming in at a slightly higher price point, however, this is looking increasingly unlikely.


Expectations of a Snapdragon 810 64-bit CPU and new sensor-hub will herald Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other such sensors into a single chip. Of course, this frees up some hardware space, but it will also mean less drain on the battery – especially for apps that are more likely to run in the background. A well-known benchmarking site recently leaked a set of specs for this new handset, showing that the Galaxy S6 will launch with a 5.5” screen, octa-core CPU, 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The only thing left that the majority of users will worry about is not just the battery size, but direct applications of said battery. It may be bigger, but with the extra juice needed to power the 5.5” screen, will it actually last longer?

New Features

While it was nice that the S5 wouldn’t die the moment it got hit by a raindrop, it would be great to see Samsung take up the IP67 rating to a proper IP68 – which would mean the Galaxy S6 would be able to withstand hilariously (not) spontaneous water fights and sudden downpours (more likely). Leaked benchmarks also indicate that the S6 will have a beefed up camera, moving from the previous 13MP to a huge 20MP – putting it on the same level at Sony’s Xperia Z3 flagship.

Operating System

The new handset will, of course, be using the Android Operating System. What makes this rumour-worthy, however, is how much sleeker Samsung is reported to be making its TouchWiz interface. There have been grumblings in the past about bloatware and the slowing down of systems due to frankly unnecessary widgets that no-one actually used. If it’s true that Samsung are paring this down, we could see a user interface that is significantly sleeker and simpler to use on the new handset.


As Samsung tend to keep their price points for each flagship, it’s very likely that the 32GB version of this new handset will come in at around £565, with the 64GB weighing in at £635, and the 128GB at around £710. These prices put the Samsung S6 on a par with the iPhone 6, which at least means that Samsung should have the ability to improve the design and specs of the handset pretty considerably from its S5 iteration.