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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Rumours are already beginning to fly around the world about Samsung's top of the range phablet. With specs and information already leaking out about the Galaxy S4, we're getting excited about what else Samsung's technical wizards are cooking up.

Galaxy Note 3 Specs

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest features of the Note 3 is its size. Samsung are looking to push the boundaries of what people can actually hold in one hand with a tablet phone that is supposedly a whopping 6.3"! However, we don't think that is all that likely and later, more credible rumours have pipped it at 5.9", which should come as a bit of relief for those of you who like to use your phones with one hand. Korean sources are mentioning reports of parts manufacturers being requested to produce 5.9" inch OLED screens which are almost certainly for the Note 3. If they aren't then we'd love to know what Samsung are up to.

When you think that most of the smallest tablets start at about 7", with an iPad mini being 7.9", the Note 3 is hardly able to still be seen as a regular smartphone. Each version has grown bigger and packed with more features like the smart stylus, the S-Pen.

The new Note from Samsung is probably going to come with an octo-core Exynos processor that is capable of pumping out even more power than we've ever seen in a smartphone. Eight cores is more than you'll see in most desktop PCs so we're anticipating some pretty speedy performance from their new handset. You can expect the graphics ship inside to be similarly powerful as it pumps out beautiful colours and graphics to that high definition OLED screen.

Note III Price

As part of Samsung's crusade to take over the smartphone world, we'd be surprised if they priced the Note 3 much higher than the existing Galaxy Note 2. Nevertheless, you are going to be getting a hell of a lot more phone for that price so it's possible that we might see more than a little bump in price for the newer model. Coupled with the fact that it is basically able to replace a tablet we wouldn't be too surprised if it clocked in nearer the £600 mark. Pretty hefty so we'll have to wait and see if it's worth it.

We should say that we haven't heard any rumours about whether the Note 3 will be coming to Three but you can count on us to tell you as soon as we find out. Even so, we don't expect to see the new Galaxy Note until at least the third quarter of 2013. It's likely to come later in the year than the August launch of the Note 2 that we saw last year. If that's indeed the case we might be seeing it go head to head with a late year iPhone launch.

The Note 3 On Three?

We obviously don't have any confirmation on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 price for the UK nor do we even know when you'll be able to get the Galaxy Note 3 on Three Mobile. Still, we'd love to see the Note 3 running on the Ultrafast network. Imagine coupling an All You Can Eat Data package with that huge high definition screen and watching the latest HD movies over Three's Ultrafast data network.

You can see the original launch video for the most recent Samsung Galaxy Note which is on sale right here at Store 3: