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3 Mobile Getting Galaxy Note 2


The fabulous successor to the original 'phablet' will be landing on Three Mobile later this year. After an impressive IFA 2012 debut this super-fast superphone will be able to take advantage of Three's high speed data network. This means you can make the most of all of this phone's fantastic futuristic features.

Inside, there's a quad-core processor clocking in at 1.6GHz plus 2GB of RAM that runs Android Jelly Bean. This makes it powerful than many PCs and it runs even faster than the Galaxy S3. The crystal clear 8 megapixel camera snaps shots that look simply stunning on the Note 2's Super AMOLED HD screen. Its 5.5 inch screen is easily big enough and gorgeous enough to watch movies on without having to squint at the usual small smartphone screen.

The new stylus, called the 'S Pen', has some great functionality. Use the pen to jot down notes, annotate photos, write on your calendar, and even draw round photos and text in your browser to cut it out and paste it elsewhere. The Samsung S-Pen also has a feature you won't find anywhere else - the ability to hover over icons in order to see previews. With the 3 Galaxy Note 2 you can be creative. It's not just a gimmicky feature as it can make every use of your smartphone so much easier and far more fun.

Don't think that the massive screen and powerful specs make the Galaxy Note 2 a chunky phone. Samsung's new Note is impressively thin and surprisingly light considering everything they've managed to pack inside it. It's much thinner than the original Note and basically as thin as an iPhone 4S - just 9.4mm.

The 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is quite simply one of the best multimedia phones around. It's perfect for Three mobile as it's ideal for streaming and browsing on the 3G data network. Even managing your texts and emails is so much easier as there's far more room on screen for the keyboard. Try the Note 2 out for yourself on 3 Mobile, coming later this year.


For more info about the Galaxy Note 2 check out our Coming Soon page. You can also register your interest with us and we'll drop you an email when the Note 2 is available on 3.

For a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in action, check out this clip of what the new Note on Three can do for you: