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No Extra Charges for Data only on 3 Mobile

Never worry about sneaky data charges; with Three, no matter which tariff you're on, you'll never have to pay out of bundle data fees while using your handset in the UK.


No Out of Bundle costs on Three’s Internet Plans

Most 3 smartphones are compatible with Wi-Fi, which means that you can connect to your home and work Wi-Fi networks, and will only need to rely on your 3G data connection when you're out of a Wi-Fi zone. This means that if you’re not on an All-You-Can-Eat plan, your data will stretch even further!

Tthree will also keep a track of the amount of data you use in a month. When you are approaching your limit, you will receive a text message telling you exactly how much data you have left to use. Once you have used up the whole allowance, Three will prevent you from accessing services that will use data, and thus prevent you from receiving ridiculous out of tariff charges.

Adding more data to your Internet Plan

If you find yourself using your data faster than expected each month, and want to keep browsing, you can! Simply purchase a 30 day bundle of data to top you up, and ensure you can stay online when you need to.

Three's additional data bundles are as follows:

  • £2.50 for an extra 250MB, valid for 30 days
  • £5.00 for All You Can Eat data, valid for 30 days


For more information, take a look at page 2 of our Price Guide!

Want more for Less? Try Ultimate Internet

With the new AYCE Data Internet tariff from 3 Mobile, you can enjoy All You Can Eat Data, with no browsing restrictions, (you even get a whopping 8GB tethering allowance!) and never get that nasty month-end Bill Shock!

No matter which of Three's new tariffs you choose from, you'll be guaranteed a better experience with mobile internet. Whether you're after the best value and only occasional internet use, or worry-free browsing, you'll find that 3 Mobile is your number one choice of UK network