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Three Rescue is a mobile phone insurance policy provided by Three to customers who opt in during the purchase of a phone contract. It costs between £2.50 a month and £10.50 a month, depending on which phone you want to insure, and can cover you for the following:

Worldwide cover against:

- Loss. 
- Theft.
- Accidental damage (including liquid damage).
- Malicious damage.
- Pet damage.
- Out-of-warranty breakdown.

Plus extra support:

- Next-day replacement guarantee.
- Claim online 24/7 or by phone.
- 24-month warranty on your replacement device.


Three Rescue features


Three Rescue


* Most enquiries will be dealt with in one call. Occasionally however, additional calls may be necessary.

** Your replacement device may be refurbished to Three Rescue™’s standard (using the original equipment manufacturer’s parts). If we can’t provide a same model replacement we will send a device with similar features and functionality. You’ll need to return any damaged or faulty device to avoid paying a non-return fee.

*** Includes 10GB of storage to back up your photos and videos via the Three Rescue™ app. Not all devices are compatible with the Three Rescue™ app or all features of the app. See section H of the policy terms and conditions for details. 

Before you buy Three Rescue it's worth checking that you aren't already covered on your home insurance, packaged bank account or third party mobile insurance - but Three Rescue might provide a higher level of service. One of the main benefits of insurance from Three is that it provides next day replacement of your phone, and they'll even pay you £10 a day for late delivery up to a maximum of £30. Of course you should always read the terms and conditions before deciding which policy is best for you.