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Old rumours about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

26/08/2015 - Where and When?

It’s been noted by numerous tech blogs that the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco has been booked for a 7,000+ attendee private event during the first couple of weeks of September – fuelling speculation that Apple is planning to use the venue to announce their newest iPhone incarnation – the 6S.

It isn’t a leap to assume that Apple will use this space – it fits the geography, capacity and date of launches in previous years. The 6S is rumoured to be released this September – which is historically Apple’s release month.

18/03/2015 - Touching on Security

The latest from analysts at KGI Securities suggests that the latest iPhone will come with significant changes and updates to their TouchID mechanics. By reducing the amount of errors that get thrown up during fingerprint reading, Apple Pay will be able to offer a more efficient, safer user experience.

Apple has filed patents for their TouchID software to be integrated with their regular touch panel, although analysts suspect there’s still a lot of work to be done to merge these two aspects as seamlessly as is required, thanks to not only the software algorithms necessary, but also the hardware requirements of sapphire cover lenses.

This might be the push that Apple have been looking for, to get both customers and a greater number of businesses to adopt and use the Apple pay feature.

10/02/2015 - The Chips are up!


In a move which effectively reverses Apple’s attempt last year to stop using Samsung to manufacture their chipsets, the Cupertino company have shifted back to Samsung thanks to the other company’s advanced fabrication technology. The website RE/Code reports that Samsung are expected to offer “Exynos processors in forthcoming handsets instead of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810”.

This shift from an A8 to an A9 processor bodes well for the release of a handset that’s not only more powerful and packed with better features, but also one which runs more efficiently.

03/02/2015 - iOS 9: Expect the…expected?

Apple has taken to updating its iOS platform once a year, around the same time. If they remain loyal to their usual trend, this will mean an unveiling of the new OS at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in summer, with the update officially rolling out to regular customers alongside their handset launch around September of this year.

Availability for iOS 9 is also likely to follow the ‘one in, one out’ trend that Apple have cultivated over the past years. Since the 4S struggled a lot with the iOS8 update, it’s really not surprising that this older handset is likely to be dropped from the available updates list, leaving us with the iPhone 5 onwards.

29/01/2015 - RAMmed with memory

A number of tech bods close to Apple have suggested that this year’s handset is due for an upgrade in memory – from the 1GB RAM of 2014, to 2GB for their newest release. In real terms, this means the handset will have more than enough memory to have different tasks open and running at the same time, as well as being more equipped to deal with the larger image and video files many users will be creating with the heavily upgraded camera. This upgrade would put this tech item on a par with the iPad Air 2 (in terms of RAM, at least).

The biggest concern attached to this new benefit will be the price. Unfortunately, memory isn’t exactly a cheap component, and one has to wonder just how far Apple can stretch the pockets of even its loyal consumers. If they can get the right suppliers at the right price, however, this addition to the latest version of the iPhone will be a big leap forward.

23/01/2015 - Testing the mettle


A number of sources have indicated that Apple may be looking to use liquid metal on the chassis instead of aluminium. On the surface, it certainly seems like a sensible option, as liquid metal is not only stronger than their traditional fair, but also lighter. The likelihood of its use will probably (unfortunately) come down to profit margins, rather than what would be best for the consumer. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Apple has also been talking about sapphire glass for a while now (which is stronger than the ‘Gorilla Glass 2.0’ that it currently uses on its handsets). Since it’s using this type of display material in its eagerly awaited Apple Watches, the Californian company may be revving up to make the switch to its handsets, too. Especially now that emerging reports have stated that the company Foxconn (already a long-time Apple supplier) have been gearing up to spend approximately $2.6bn on its own Sapphire plant in Asia. Will these developments mean a handset that marries a new level of sturdiness with the luxury-feel that we’ve come to expect from Apple?

20/01/2015 - Use the force (touch)

The latest iPhone rumour is a bit of a touchy subject. It looks like Apple may be preparing to bring force touch technology to their latest iPhone offering. This means that apart from the standard touch screen capabilities, the new iPhone will be able to tell how hard you’re pressing on the screen, which will then allow additional functionality. This technology may be used to open menu screens, or even allow things such as track skipping in a music app. If Apple really are developing this for their newest iPhone, it would certainly be a new, distinguishing feature for the handset.

15/01/2015 - Will we be able to iFlex the new iPhone?


According to some new patent applications recently put forward by Apple, the Cupertino company is at least thinking about making sure the likes of #BendGate are a thing of the past.

The patents (you can see one just to the right of this paragraph) clearly show sketches for a handset which isn’t just flexible, but downright bendy. This may indicate a desire to not only have a flexi-screen, but flexible internal components as well. It’s already been suggested by Apple themselves that the cases for such handsets could be made from plastic, thin glass, fibre composites or a mixture of the above.

Is anyone else thinking ‘phone-as-wearable’? If these patent sketches are anything to go by, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to consider increasingly blurred barriers between a mobile handset and a wrist watch. Could this be the new future for wearables? Perhaps it’s a little early to get too excited by this, but it’s certainly nice to see Apple looking for truly innovative solutions again, instead of just offering a bigger screen.

12/01/2015 – Snap Happy

Rumours are already surfacing about the next iPhone’s primary camera, indicating a leap forward for casual photography enthusiasts.

The potential step forward for Apple is to adopt a two-lens system, which will allow the 8MP snapper (assuming they don’t increase the MP as well, of course!) to produce DSLR-quality images without the need for additional software alterations to the photo once it’s been taken. Whether the camera on this device will once again lie flush with the chassis instead of creating an outward bump is still not known. While the bump on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was offset by the new technology it contained, many users have been unhappy with the way their handset is now unsteady when laying on a flat surface.

It is also unknown at this stage as to whether the front-facing ‘selfie’ camera (currently clocking in at 1.2MP) is also going to get some sort of upgrade.

18/12/2014 - A phone by any other name

One of the big speculations about the 2015 iPhone iteration is going to be named. While iPhone 6S would follow previous naming conventions, a lot of customers now see the ‘S’ and ‘C’ iPhone models as iterations of previous handsets (in this case the ‘6’), rather than new phones in their own right. This is why rumours of Apple skipping straight to the iPhone 7 are definitely merited – as Apple will obviously be wanting customers to consider upgrading their iPhone 6 to the newest handset, regardless of how many new features it has or how soon it’s released after the previous version.