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iPhone 8 on Three

iPhone 8 on Three

The iPhone 8 is coming..

The iPhone 8 is expected to be announced by Apple in September 2017, and as this date approaches the whole world is speculating as to what their latest mobile phone is going to look like. We've rounded up the latest and most likely rumours below - so have a read and start getting excited about the iPhone 8 today.

The name

Usually Apple would follow the iPhone 7 with an "s" version. An incremental upgrade that changes little about the appearance of the phone but bumps up the specs and software features. Because the iPhone 7 was so similar to the iPhone 6 before it, we're expecting Apple to jump straight to the iPhone 8 and skip the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus entirely. Only time will tell though.

How much will it cost?

The current iPhone 7s starts at £599 if you buy it SIM-free, but odds are the iPhone 8 will be a bit more than this. Other phone manufacturers like Samsung have been pushing up the prices of their flagship phones, and the weak pound could mean that exchange rates force prices up even more. We expect the iPhone 8 to start at a little over £700 SIM-free, or £50 a month on contract.

The display

It's generally believed that Apple will be increasing the size of the iPhone 8 display to 5.8 inches and reducing the bezel around it for a more seamless all-screen front. This means that we'll probably lose the mechanical home button and fingerprint sensor. It's possible that the fingerprint sensor will be moved behind the screen itself, but it might be replaced entirely by new face recognition software - something that Samsung have already released on their Galaxy 8 range of phones.

The camera

Apple are expected to make big changes to the camera on the iPhone 8 - with it sporting a vertically oriented dual lens camera that will make capturing 3D images and video possible and will significantly improve augmented reality apps.

Wireless charging

Charging cables are becoming a thing of the past and Apple are fairly behind the curve on this one. We expect wireless charging to be introduced on the iPhone 8, but that requires it to move from an all-aluminium design to an all-glass one. Not great for sticky fingerprints or breakability..

When can I buy it?

Not just yet! As soon as the iPhone 8 is officially released we'll add a link here so that you can check out all the best deals on Three.