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Get the newest rumours and news surrounding the launch of the iPhone 6c

The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus may have been made available less than a year ago (and the Apple Watch even more recently than that), but we’re already looking towards the release of the iPhone 6C. The Store-3 team are working to bring you the very latest news and updates from Apple, so keep this page book marked and check back for the very latest reveals and rumours from one of the world’s most loved brands. In the meantime, why not click on the image above and register your interest for the new iPhone – you’ll be one of the first to hear about the exciting deals here on Three.

29/07/2015 - Texting in the rain

Earlier this year, Apple filed for a patent that details designs for waterproofing internal electronic components. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see a waterproof Apple iPhone this year, it at least shows the good deal of thought Apple has already put into this potential feature – which can only be a good sign.

08/07/2015 - Worth the wait?

New reports suggest that the Apple iPhone 6c may not arrive until next year (2016), due to the more likely '6S' and '6S Plus' arriving in September 2015.