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The iPhone 4 on Three: Why we don't suck



The iPhone 4 was the very first of the Apple stable to feature their now-trademark high-resolution Retina display. Its iconic angular design was groundbreaking, and even now, a few years later, it's still a great-looking and smoothly performing smartphone option!

Camera and video functionality is still comparable with newer smartphones, and effortless integration with iTunes and iCloud is a real bonus. Not forgetting the Apple app store, best in the industry, which is bursting full of games, tools, and more to make your iPhone truly individual.


Why is Three the best choice for iPhone?

Three has been named the best network for iPhone by YouGov - an independent surveying body that collects data on customer satisfaction. Three have certainly got a lot to offer a future Apple owner; with a range of unlimited data plans available to help you make the most of all your iPhone features and apps. Skype, stream and browse for as long as you want, on the network built for the internet!


Award-winning service

The range of Three's iPhone tariffs for iPhone 4 gives you more minutes and texts for your money than any other network, so you can keep in touch with friends and family for longer.

You can also get completely uncapped Internet - so you can be online all the time! Use the best features of your iPhone 4 without fear of burning through your data:

  • Download apps from the App Store wherever you are! Want a guide to the city you're in? No problem, you can get it right then, without having to check your download limit!
  • If you're off on a journey you can use the mapping software to help you reach your destination, pain free! And the iPhone 4 is so good at multi-tasking, you can have your music playing at the same time, and even turn your phone calls to quiet so that you dont miss that next important direction!
  • Watch as many videos as you like whilst you're out and about, and they'll look gorgeous on the iPhone 4's impressive Retina display screen.


You can now make huge savings with Three by choosing a Refreshed iPhone. Returned under Three's 14-day refund policy, every refreshed (or refurbished - they mean the same!) iPhone is thoroughly checked and tested, so you get an iPhone in good-as-new condition on a significantly discounted plan. Yet another great reason to opt for iPhone 4 on Three.