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Three Apple iPad Mini

Launched at a special Apple event on 23rd October, the new iPad Mini will soon be arriving at Three Mobile! 3 is the obvious choice for top value iPad data plans, ensuring you can make the most of your new iPad Mini wherever you are.

You don't even need to buy an iPad from Three in order to take advantage of our great data plans. With a 3 Mobile iPad Mini nano SIM-Only deal, you get plenty of time online from just £7.50/month without being tied into a long-term contract.

Keep up-to-date with the latest iPad Mini news by registering your interest in whichever model takes your fancy - we'll send you an email just as soon as we hear about Three's data plans and pricing, so you can order the iPad Mini ASAP.

The iPad Mini on 3 - a partnership built for the internet!

Three Apple iPad Mini

Apple has finally released the long-awaited iPad Mini, Apple’s first 7” tablet. Whilst similar sized Android tablets have been widely available for a while, very few have been able to compete with Apple’s various iPads in terms of performance. Now Apple has set the bar even higher with a smaller, lighter and more mobile device that retains the same unbeatable level of performance as before. Every iPad Mini review has been positively glowing so far, and it’s easy to see why.

Three iPad Mini Features

At 20cm x 13.5cm, the iPad Mini retains the same proportions as its older siblings, meaning that the excellent iOS interface sits perfectly at home on the smaller screen. Also, this has the added benefit of ensuring that all of the previous iPad apps you bought are still compatible, and with over 275,000 apps in the store as of writing, you’ll never be left wanting.


The device itself is not only smaller with its a 7.9” display, but it’s also remarkably thinner and lighter than any other similarly-sized tablet on the market, at a mere 0.7cm deep and 308g. This is a tablet that you can not only use one handed, but that would even fit in your pocket!

Despite the tiny size, the Mini is still more than capable of powering all your modern tablet needs. Equipped with the same blazing-fast A5 processor as the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, flicking through tabs and surfing your favourite websites is as smooth an experience as you could need, whilst even the most demanding 3D games can be played without stutter or lag.

Apple has even managed to shave off battery size whilst also retaining longevity. The single-cell battery found within the Mini is the thinnest Apple has ever produced yet lasts just as long as before. With 10 hours of battery life on average, the iPad Mini is the perfect companion for you to take on your commute or on a long flight.

The iSight camera has also been shrunk whilst retaining the same level of quality as before, being able to take 5-megaxpixel photos and record full 1080p HD video, ideal for capturing those special moments with your family or when hanging out with friends. The front-facing Facetime HD camera also means that you’re only ever moments away from seeing loved ones and relatives.


Finally, the new and improved Apple lightning dock connector improves transfer speeds across the board and its new reversible nature means that you won’t have to fuss over which way it slots into the power-charger or dock.

3 iPad Mini UK Price

As for the iPad Mini UK release date, the Wi-fi model of the iPad Mini has already hit stores with the 4G models to follow in late November. The iPad Mini UK price starts at £269 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, £349 for 32GB and £429 for a full 64GB.

If you need a constant connection when on the move, iPad Mini data plans are also offered with £369 for the 16GB model, £449 for the 32GB and £529 for the 64GB iPad Mini with LTE.

Check out the launch trailer below.