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HTC Desire 500 - Coming Soon to Three!


It’s been a great year for HTC, with their latest premium handset the HTC One wowing customers and reviewers alike, and even earning a coveted Phone of The Year award! Now, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant has set its sights on the mid-range smartphone market, adding a fantastic new device to its iconic Desire range- the HTC Desire 500. It’s fast, it’s powerful, it looks great- and it’s coming to Three in January!

The Desire 500 boasts the HTC features that you love the most. You’ll adore BlinkFeed, the innovative homescreen which collects all your social network apps and favourite content together in one convenient screen- so there’s no need to root around through your apps to stay in the loop! Every time you wake your Desire 500, BlinkFeed will have automatically updated your feeds, so all your content is up-to-the-minute every time you look at the screen. It’s brilliant to customise too, so once you’ve decided which content is most important to you, BlinkFeed will effortlessly adopt your preferences.

HTC Desire 500 Specs

The HTC Desire 500 also boasts a stunning 8 megapixel camera, more than able to compete with the market’s more expensive handsets. We’ve always been excited by HTC’s camera specs, and as the Desire 500’s snapper also features autofocus, an inbuilt LED flash and a great multi-shot burst mode camera, we reckon it’ll take exceptionally sharp and crisp photos.

Another nifty feature of this great little handset is the 30-second mini movie, which automatically compiles the best snaps of a night out or event. Choose your theme music, and you’ve got a fun new way to share your memories with friends!

It’s a powerful beast, too, with a quad-core processor firing the engine. Combined with Android Jelly Bean, this’ll give you exceptionally fast and smooth performances round the clock! It’s quite a feat that HTC have managed to pack all this rip-roaring power into a device that’s palm-friendly, weighing just 123g!

New Year Release!

We’re really excited about the Desire 500- it’s not every day that you get such top-end specs in an affordable handset. So keep your eyes peeled for when it hits Three shelves in January- it’s going to be hit!