3 BlackBerry Mobile Phones

For the ultimate in BlackBerry value, check out the Curve 9320! Compact in size but still sporting a full QWERTY keyboard, the 9320 makes for a great messaging device. Coupled with great connectivity and a slick user interface, it'll be a constant companion.

Or get your paws on the Blackberry Z10, a truly top-end device which runs on the brand new, super-seamless BlackBerry 10 operating system and boasts an impressively sharp 8 megapixel camera. It's even got a touchscreen!

All BlackBerry tariffs include "Add BlackBerry" which gives you access to all of the BlackBerry services: BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Email, BlackBerry Internet and App World. Of course, Blackberry is not the only platform to offer its own messaging service - click to find out more about the full and colourful range of Messaging Apps Available on Three.

BlackBerry On Three

The BlackBerry smartphones we offer on Three are developed by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). They've come a long way since their initial BlackBerry, which was nothing more than a two-way pager launched in 1999 and ran on AA batteries.

A Three BlackBerry can do so much more than that nowadays. Having dominated the business world for a few years, BlackBerry have brought all of their best features right into the palm of your hand. This pedigree means that their current range is the most streamlined yet. The signature full QWERTY keyboard is as amazing as ever and allows you to get the most out of your emails, Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger.

With a BlackBerry on 3 you can have business level performance in your pocket. Affordable smartphone performance hardly comes any better than with a Three BlackBerry.

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