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Advanced 3G Data On 3 Mobile

Three’s mobile network was built from the ground up especially for data-hungry users. With Advanced 3G data on 3, more people than ever can experience increasingly faster mobile data technologies.

Already, Three’s lightning quick 3G network covers more than 97% of the UK. Three is proud to be the network that’s ‘built for the internet’.

Thanks to mixture of recent technical leaps and investment from Network Operators, most Operators are a good way through rolling out their 4G coverage. There are still some places in the UK however, where Advanced 3G is still being used for now.

Most of the handsets you will find here on the Store-3 website are capable of being upgraded to a 4G band (and all are compatible with Advanced 3G if you’re in an area where the 4G roll-out hasn’t yet reached).

Take advantage of these great handset offers by viewing them HERE, or take a look at our favourites below.

What is Advanced 3G?

Advanced 3G data is information that is carried over Three’s Dual Carrier (High Speed Downlink Packet Access – DC-HSDPA) network.

What does that actually mean?

At its core, this Dual Carrier network means that Three’s service is much faster than the 3G you may be used to on other networks. This is thanks to what Three likes to call the ‘Big Pipes’, infrastructure that are behind the scenes in the mobile masts that carry 40% of total UK mobile data.

So if you have a handset that works with DC-HSDPA, you could get significantly faster download speeds and much better coverage than any other network! If you are a serious internet user, and plan on watching videos or streaming music to your phone, then you need an Unlimited Data Plan with Advanced 3G or 4G Internet on Three.

Data Speed Comparisons

As you can see, Three’s Advanced 3G internet (DC-HSDPA), is much faster than other 3G options. There’s no better way to surf the internet in a non-4G zone than with a handset with Unlimited Internet tariff from 3.


If you’re after a fast, reliable and widespread high-speed internet connection, Three’s network continues to deliver all of the above, and is only getting better. You can already get mobile data speeds as fast as some people’s home broadband connections – and that’s Three’s slowest offering!

Advanced 3G for MiFi

If you’re wondering if Advanced 3G applies to MiFi as well as smartphones, the answer is absolutely yes! You can definitely take advantage of Three’s high-speed internet option for high speed browsing on your laptop or tablet.

The future of Advanced 3G

2014 continues to be a promising year for superfast internet on Three. Even more, 4G connectivity has begun roll out across the country, supporting Three's already high speed data network with some even faster areas. Not only will this increase speed but it also increases capacity, meaning that even if you don't have a 4G phone on Three, you will be able to get faster 3G as it helps to free up bandwidth. For customers without 4G-ready handsets, the amazing thing is that Advanced 3G certainly isn’t going anywhere for the time being, which means you still have plenty of opportunity to continue enjoying great internet speeds before you upgrade to amazingly fast internet access.