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Three Wins Big at the 2012 uSwitch Awards


3 Declared Best Network and Fastest Network

The uSwitch awards took place last week in the heart of London in Covent Garden. Of the 14 awards being judged, Three lived up to its name, taking home a hat-trick of victories including “Best Network” for the second time running as well as “Best for Roaming” and “StreetStats 3G Fastest Network”!

Three’s awards stemmed from the sweeping revisions they’ve made to their services over the past year and have really gone to prove their standing as one of the major networks in the UK right now. With HSPA+ implementation, Three hope to maintain the fastest network award for the foreseeable future with speeds that rival 4G! The benefits of this service are already clear to see with the speed tests conducted by the uSwitch mobile app and come at no extra cost to customers! Three’s offering of unlimited data, as well as their exciting new Euro Internet Pass which offered unlimited internet access abroad from £5 per day, allow Three to offer you the most flexible and generous packages available right now and with worldwide data roaming limits set at £49 per month, it’s easy to see why the public and the judges voted in Three’s favour.


Along with the network categories, a number of awards were also handed out to individual manufacturers, with Apple and Samsung reaping the most of the evening’s victories. Apple’s iPhone range and iOS revisions netted them the awards for “Best Design” and “Most Easy to Use” while Samsung’s Galaxy series, specifically the S3 and the Note II, were likely the main reason behind their claim to the “Best Manufacturer” and “Best Use of Android” awards.

This is the second year for the uSwitch awards and it’s likely to become a mainstay in the mobile calendar in the upcoming years. Hitwise, a company specialising in online information, listed uSwitch as the 2nd most popular website for Business and Finance utilities in the UK for two years running, placing them at the forefront of online comparison sites.


The awards were decided through a combination of public polls as well as industry experts. These 9 judges were comprised of a few members of the uSwitch editorial team as well as a collection of well-known consultants and reporters with prestigious backgrounds working at such establishments as Forbes, the Inquirer, CNET, the BBC and T3. With around half of them having stayed on after the debut awards in 2010, it seems as though uSwitch will continue to have a decent body of talent from which to draw expert opinions and evaluations for the next few years.

Perhaps most interesting of all though is the information they’ve gathered through their Mobile Awards Survey, making the awards an accurate metric of just what the public think of the various networks and services available to them. The uSwitch awards serve as a well put-together guide to the very best that retail and networks have to offer and we look forward to seeing the list of nominees (and eventually winners!) for 2013.