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0800 Charges Scrapped by Three


After a report by Ofcom showed that mobile consumers in the UK spend a total of over £600 million a year on calls to premium numbers, Three has decided to do something about it.

Research undertaken by Three has shown that over the course of their contract, a Three customer will spend an average of £92.16 on making calls to 080, 084 and 087 numbers. In order to counter this, Three has eradicated the cost by offering free calls to 080 and 0500 numbers on all of its plans, and by charging a mere 5p per minute to the previously expensive 084 and 087 numbers.

So What?

This new feature means that Three customers no longer have to clock-watch when they’re on a call to any of these numbers. This move also takes into consideration the dislike of surprise charges and extra items on a customer’s phone bill at the end of the month.

At the moment, this change only affects customers on a 24month plan, and isn’t available for those making use of Three’s the SIM only contracts.

The move has been praised for creating transparency and added value for 3’s customers. And to prove that this new price cut really works, Three have created six 0800 numbers of their own for customers to try out. Ranging from a Singing Dictionary, to a 24 hour Compliment Line, the user even gets a text after hanging up, linking them to an online certificate which shows the fruits of their time.

This may seem like extravagant silliness on Three’s part, but it has certainly created an extra talking point – and proves that 0800 numbers are used regularly by many individuals.

Three have given people yet another excellent reason to get any one of their fantastic contracts.