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Xperia T Box Contents And First Impressions


You've got to hand it to Sony's marketing department: having the 3 Sony Xperia T feature as James Bond's phone in Skyfall really was a bit of a coup. So now that we've established its desirability, you probably want to know a little bit more about the phone that's fit for 007.

To that end, here's our in-depth unboxing article, where we're offering up some initial feelings and facts on the Xperia T alongside a bunch of pictures to illustrate just what's inside the box and what you can expect to get for your hard-earned cash. If you're here because you're wanting to know a bit more before you buy, or you're still trying to make up your mind, it's our hope that this article will help you along your way.


3 Xperia T - What's in the box?


It's the latest and greatest of Sony's Xperia range of phones, but you wouldn't exactly term the Xperia T a departure in styling. What it is, however, is the enhanced version. Sporting a curved unibody, slick design and expensive feel, the Xperia T delivers everything you'd visually expect from a premium smartphone.

Cast your gaze to the right and you'll see what to anticipate on arrival. Satisfyingly minimalist packaging with recognisable Sony branding, and a shot of the Xperia T featuring prominently.

Turn the box over and you're happily confronted with a lot of little logos confirming that yes, indeed, the Xperia T is just a bit special: not only is it PlayStation Certified, there's exclusive Bravia technology on board. Then there's the 13MP HD camera and 4.6" screen. All features, we imagine, that Mr Bond found very useful for procrastination purposes when ensconced up in the Highlands, given there is only so much setting of boobytraps you can conceivably do while waiting for a set of villainous entities to appear.

But we digress. On to the unveiling ..


3 Xperia T Unboxed


While there's always a degree of satisfaction to be had in unpackaging your newest toy, the contents of a typical mobile phone box are usually fairly predictable. And here the Sony Xperia T is not so different to any other, bar a few little extras.

As you can see, a microUSB charge cable and UK mains adapter are included, along with the start-up guide and warranty information. You also get stereo earphones and a package of earbuds and clips which allow you to customise their fit.

Sony have also thoughtfully packaged a screen protector and cleaning cloth, making sure that long after your new Xperia T from Three has arrived, its screen will still look crystal clear.



Multimedia Features

It's no surprise that with Sony's general reputation as an entertainment giant, the Xperia T doesn't fall short.

With a heavyweight 1.5GHz dual-core processor to make everything run super smoothly, you're really able to make the most of the Xperia T's capabilities - this smartphone can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Video and game playback is particularly impressive on the big, Bravia-powered display.

It's a truly comprehensive package that really delivers - and just in case you want to share any pics, music or downloaded content with your friends, the Sony Xperia T also sports NFC technology, meaning you can zing that content to any other supported device just by tapping them together.



13MP HD Camera

Sony's Xperia T on Three takes photos in full 13MP HD, and offers HD video recording too, rendering it one of the most powerful smartphone cameras available today. A dedicated camera makes taking pictures or shooting video all that more convenient and instantaneous. The Xperia T really is an all-round, compelling prospect from Sony. And it's not just the James Bond thing that swayed us. Really.