Three SIM-Only Deals

Check out our 3 SIM only deals starting at just £7 a month! Or feast your eyes on our All-you-can-eat data plans starting from only £15 a month.

Phone SIMs

*Three Nano SIM cards are compatible with the Apple iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, HTC One M8, One MIni 2, Nokia Lumia 1520, Motorola Moto X. Most other smartphones use a Micro SIM card.

Broadband SIMs

Why choose SIM-Only?

4G for the price of 3G 4G For the price of 3G
Get 4G for the price of your current 3G data plan at no extra costs! Ideal if you want to future-proof yourself for when the Three 4G rollout begins.
Flexible SIM plans Plans for Full Flexibility
Whether you’re searching for smart savings on your phone deal, or you’re looking to get your fill with All-you-can-eat data, we’ve got the perfect package for you.
No lengthy commitments No lengthy Commitments
Our 30 day and 12 month SIM only contracts are great if you don’t want to be tied down to a lengthy 24 month commitment.
Keep your Phone Keep the Phone You Love
We say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Keeping your phone saves you both money and hassle, and what's more Three will even help you keep your old number too.
Feel At Home Feel At Home
If you’re going to be holidaying in any of the selected 11 countries, you can use your allowance to call and text the UK and use your data without paying a penny more.
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