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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini on 3


3 Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

If you loved the Samsung Galaxy S3 then the news that Samsung has released the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini should excite you. This version is a streamlined, slim and sleek smartphone that will bring you Samsung's fantastic TouchWiz interface at a cheaper price. When it launches we expect it to boast the latest Android operating system and come with Samsung's renowned performance and reliability.

Galaxy S3 Features

The Three Galaxy S3 Mini runs fast and smooth because it is powered by Google's most impressive operating system yet - Android Jelly Bean. This is something that even the original S3 didn't have at launch so you're guaranteed the best experience possible. You get to take advantage of all of Google's latest advances such as Google Now. This delivers speedy local search results and info to keep you informed when you're out and about.

Samsung haven't cut back on the software feature either as the mini S3 comes with S-Voice. Samsung's answer to Apple Siri is getting better at interpreting your requests and commands so that you can tell it to send messages, check the weather and do some basic tasks for you.

Three Galaxy S3 Mini Specs

This stunning smartphone gives you the premium smartphone experience without the high prices you'd expect for such an impressive device. The 4 inch display makes it the same size as the iPhone 5 and should make it more appealing to those of you who like a lighter and smaller gadget to carry round in your pocket.


Style wise, the mini Galaxy S III is clearly continuing the 'inspired by nature' theme that Samsung started with their original Galaxy SIII. It's not just going to be a great looking phone though - the dual-core processor inside packs some serious power meaning you'll still be playing the latest Android games for some time to come.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini NFC

In even better news, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini NFC version on Three today. NFC stands for Near Field Communications and is a standard method of communicating with other NFC enabled devices. This upgrade is replacing the old non-NFC variant gradually, so there's no need to worry about splashing out some extra cash for the S3 Mini with NFC. The S3 Mini is one of the few mid-range phones to have this premium feature available and as a result gives you even better value for money when looking for a bargain.

NFC gives you the ability to transfer cash wirelessly, pair with other NFC gadgets or share files between NFC devices. Already, there are hundreds of retailers that accept contactless payment at their PIN machines and it works in a very similar way to contactless bank cards that are already available from Barclays and the like.

With this NFC Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, you can get programmable tags and chips which assign actions to your phone when they come into contact with them. For example, swiftly put your phone into silent mode when you're at your desk just by having a smart tag near by. You can also set it up to work with wireless speakers and work with Samsung's S-Beam feature. All this comes together to make the S3 Mini with NFC an incredible value smartphone with plenty of premium features without the premium price.

If the appeal of a smaller and streamlined Galaxy S3 isn't enough for you, why not check out the Galaxy Mini's older brother - the award winning Samsung Galaxy S3.