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The Samsung Galaxy Fame Is Now Available On Three

We're thrilled to announce that you can now buy the Samsung Galaxy Fame on Three UK. Our deals are something to be marvelled at for this quality mid-range smartphone form Samsung. Check out the White Samsung Galaxy Fame or the Blue version right here at Store 3. You can grab it free from just £17/month!

So, let's find out more about it.


Design and Specs for the 3 Galaxy Fame

The Galaxy Fame comes in both pearl white and metallic blue, a tradition established with both the S3 and S3 Mini. At 11.6mm wide and weighing 121g, it's hardly going to weigh you down, and the 1,300mAh battery should ensure you don't run out of juice too quickly.

Performance and Display

In terms of performance, its single-core 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM will be powering Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, all wrapped up in Samsung's nifty TouchWiz user interface. For the uninitiated amongst us, TouchWiz brings you lots of lovely additional features such as intuitive motion, where you simply shake your phone to refresh the widgets and other content on-screen. And if you're unable to take a call, you just turn your phone over to mute the ringer.


Speaking of screens, the Samsung Galaxy Fame sports a 3.5" HVGA TFT display with 320 x 480 resolution. It's not going to compete with the big boys, but then it's not intending to, and is perfectly sufficient for a smartphone in this class.

Storage & Multimedia

4GB of internal memory is on the leaner side, but it's expandable to 64GB with a microSD card, giving you plenty of room to store apps and all the pictures you'll be taking on the 5MP camera with LED flash and autofocus. There's also a front-facing 0.3MP VGA camera for video calling and those all-important self portraits. The 3 Galaxy Fame also offers S Cloud storage, allowing for quick and easy syncing, back-up and storage of all your stored content, such as mp3s, contacts, pics and bookmarks.


Preloaded with Samsung Game Hub Lite, the Galaxy Fame gives you fast access to games that are performance optimised especially for devices such as these, ensuring that you'll keep entertained minus any annoying lags.



And connectivity options are aplenty - Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and optional NFC technology are all on-board. The latter is particularly impressive given it's a feature usually reserved for high-end phones. There is also set to be a Dual-SIM release of the Galaxy Fame, which would allow you to use two sim cards in your phone, and make and receive calls and texts from each, without having the hassle of swapping them over. We don't yet know whether this version will be available in the UK, but all the same, it would be improper of us to neglect to tell you.

Samsung Galaxy Fame - Price on Three?

Starting at just £17/month you can get the Galaxy Fame in either blue or white. The Galaxy Fame is a step up from previous mid-range mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace. This gives you many of the features that you're used to seeing on