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Don't be put off by the name. Refreshed iPhones from Three are just as good as new, if not a little better. You see, all refreshed iPhones are carefully tested and refreshed to make sure they are in perfect working order and tip-top condition before they're sent on to their forever homes. 

Refreshed iPhones are phones previously bought and returned by customers within 14 days. Your refreshed iPhone may come in one of 3's "Refreshed Phone" boxes, rather than the original Apple packaging, but otherwise it's just like new. You'll even get the same accessories as you would buying new from Three and a standard 12-month warranty, for extra peace of mind.

Have a look at our current refreshed iPhones below and take advantage of Three's amazing deals.

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Three Samsung Galaxy S5 White Refurbished
£19.00 upfront
Water & Dust Resistant
Excellent 16MP Camera
Special ‘Low Power Mode’
Built In Fitness Features
Top Deal
per month