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Store-3 are pleased to present the 6 and 6 Plus, arguably two of the greatest smartphones of 2014.

Apple have once again raised the bar with their iPhone 6. This handset comes with a step away from the iconic Apple aesthetic of being more rectangular, towards a sleeker, slimmer, more rounded look.

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Previous iPhone 6 Rumours

Below, you can find our archive of iPhone 6 rumours collected prior to the launch of this amazing handset.

10/09/2014: It’s here!

Yesterday, Apple announced their two latest handsets: the Apple iPhone 6, and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. It seems as though the rumours were entirely true with the sizing of the new handsets, as shown in the image below:


Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait for another two days to pre-order your handset, which will start at £529 (PAYG). In the meantime, here are a handful of the amazing features which were unveiled at last night’s event:


Bigger & Leaner: The iPhone 6 has a 4.7” display, but its retina HD screen is also surrounded by a slimmer chassis.

More power: A brand new A8 processing chip means that you can run all of your favourite apps and browse your favourite websites without any usability issues or lag. Browse the internet for up to ten full hours!

Increased battery: No longer will Apple users have to hug wall sockets in order to top up part-way through the day.

Snap happy: The camera on the iPhone 6 (also called the ‘iSight’), has a brand new sensor, with Focus Pixels and new video features (including a cool new time lapse mode).

Browse wherever, faster: The iPhone 6 has allowed Apple to retain the ‘most supported LTE network bands’ crown, and offers up to 3x faster speeds when connected to WiFi.

All systems go: All of these wonderful new benefits come with the new iOS8, which has been designed to enhance and make the most of the larger screen real estate of the iPhone 6.






There’s only a few hours to go until Apple kicks off its media event, and the internet is going crazy with rumours and discussions about the possibility of seeing not only two new iPhone sizes, but also the unveiling of an iWatch.

A safe bet

For such an innovative company, Apple nevertheless knows when it’s on to a good thing. Leaked photos have suggested that they will be keeping the same three colours they had for the 5S – Gold, Silver and Grey.

There has also been very little going on at the rumour mill to suggest that Apple are going to take a shot at a ‘c’ model, as it did previously for the iPhone 5. This isn’t surprising, as Apple were left disappointed by the sales for their ‘cheaper’ handset.

Currently, one of the most contentious suggestions is that the new iPhone 6 will have a sapphire screen. More durable and scratch-resistant than the regularly used gorilla glass 2.0, a sapphire screen will re-cement the companies’ luxury brand status. As if that was ever in doubt, even after they decided to release a ‘cheap’ option of their previous handset.



If you’re worried about missing Tim Cook’s announcement about the new iPhone 6 (and possibly the iWatch, although that’s still unconfirmed) on Tuesday – don’t worry! Apple have you covered. The Cali based company has announced that it will be live-streaming its media event next Tuesday (September 9th) on their website, which means you no longer need to be upset if you didn’t receive a personal invite.

The page currently reveals a countdown timer, as well as promising that “Live video from our special event will be right here. And so will a whole lot more.” They don’t state what the ‘whole lot more’ could be, although it may be a fair guess to say that a pre-order form may be making an appearance during or just after the presentation.

From numerous rumours across the web, Apple looks poised to release not one but two new handsets – one at 4.7” (0.7” larger than its predecessors, the iPhone 5S and 5c), and a phablet at 5.5”, (as shown here from a leaked image from ifanr). If this second measurement rings true, we can surmise that Apple are looking to corner that niche in between easy-to-handle smartphones and ‘easier-to-view’ tablets.


If Apple stays true to previous form, the much anticipated iOS 8 will likely be releasing on September 10th, the day after their big, media event announcement. The new software will require an iPhone 4 or newer to run, and will – like the rest of their previous iOS upgrades – be free to download.

It’s likely that the iOS 8 will include a way for developers to start using the famed biometric finger print scanner in order to unlock applications instead of using passcodes. This is just one of a whole host of features that we’re expecting Apple to unveil.


Apple announce media event on September 9th, fuelling rumours about the release date of the new iPhone6.

The event is likely to spotlight the reveal of the new iPhone 6, which is expected to feature a larger display and a brand new iOS. The timing of this event matches with Apples historical releases, the dates of which fall in line with the September event. Further, the iPhone 5S, 5C and 5 were all released on a Friday in 2013 and 2012, causing speculation that this (Tuesday) event will be the precursor to sales by a couple of weeks.

It is likely that this event will be followed up in October by another Apple Media conference, where it is rumoured Apple will reveal the work they have done on the iWatch.

Older iPhone Rumours

September 10th 2013 is the new iPhone launch day! We don't quite know what to expect yet but the rumour mill is swirling that we could be seeing both the arrival of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C (previously thought to have been called iPhone 6). The Cupertino company will be making all of those announcements later today, so be sure to keep checking back for updates on the latest info, including specs, iPhone 5S UK release date and price.

Three iPhone 6 Design

iPhone 5 didn't mark a huge departure from the stylings of the 4 and 4S, despite being made of new materials. Even though it was taller and thinner, it followed the same kind of design language. The iPhone 6 could shake that up. Many commentators and even Apple fans thought that it was time for a more revolutionary upgrade to the classic design rather than just stretching and thinning the phone.

Not only could we see a total re-working of the design, there's also talk of the inclusion of a new "Smart Bezel". Apple have recently filed a patent to this effect, which would revolutionise and utilise the space surrounding the screen - embedding secondary controls under the surface, or perhaps on the back of the phone, to help intelligently navigate and quickly access different controls on your iPhone. This would mark a clear departure from iPhone design of old and it's one possibility we're pretty excited about.

iOS 7

iOS has been around in the same basic format for a while now. But what with 2013 being a year where Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry's BB10 are beginning to make inroads into the smartphone market, Apple may finally be forced to try and update an operating system increasingly regarded as not being as up to par as it should be in the face of such competition. Maybe it will include live tiles, an updated homescreen, new touch controls and better widgets to make it run on a faster quad-core processor.

A reliable rumour has claimed that a device running iOS7 has already been sighted in the wild as Apple developers test out the compatibility with popular apps on the new device. Though nothing has been publicly announced from Cupertino HQ, we have previously seen the new versions of iOS debuted at WWDC.


What can we expect from iPhone 6?

iPhone 5 conspiculously omitted Near Field Communications (NFC) payment technology. Many other premium smartphones now sport this feature and by the time the iPhone 6 comes out it will most likely be an industry standard. Given how much Apple is making of its Passbook App, integrating NFC capability alongside it would make untold sense. Omitting this technology would, to say the very least, be surprising.

Returning to the subject of patents, there is credible speculation that Apple filed one recently for Wireless Power Utilisation - a wireless charging system with NFMR (near-field magnetic resonance) technology. Could wireless charging therefore be on the menu for iPhone 6?

What about biometric security? Since Apple's buy-out of AuthenTic in mid-2012, it stands to reason that improved security might feature on iPhone 6 in the form of fingerprint sensor technology. Will we be waving goodbye to traditional usernames and passwords? It's a logical step forward for Apple.

Finally, let's talk about all that speculation surrounding a possible Super-HD camera. As it turns out, Apple have filed yet more patents which make for interesting speculation as to what iPhone 6 might pack in terms of camera features. One patent they've filed addresses the problems inherent with taking pictures of groups when the photographer also wants to be included in the shot. Yes, it's an improvement in the self-time function: sensors on iPhone 6 - should they employ this technology - will be able to detect when the photographer's face is in the frame and snap the picture only at that point.

There's also conjecture as to whether we'll be seeing 3-D photography as part of iPhone 6. As a leading technology company, you expect the Cupertino firm to be at the forefront of discovery and yet another patent was filed by Apple which addresses using multiple sensors and cameras to capture 3-D images.

One final little tidbit for you: what the release of the 128GB iPad 4, we're anticipating seeing the top storage capacity of iPhone 6 match this.