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iPad 3 vs iPad 4

For those counting, this is the fourth generation of Apple's extraordinarily successful tablet family (not counting the baby iPad Mini, of course!) and the best yet. The third iPad was an absolute stunner of a device, with its trademark pin-sharp and colour-rich Retina display by far the best on the market. Incredible apps, the ever-intuitive iOS interface and a super-powerful processor keeping everything smooth and speedy didn't hurt either... We didn't believe this beautiful powerhouse of a device could be improved upon, and if you'd told us that Apple would do just that, within a year no less, we'd never have believed it. How wrong could we be?

The launch of the iPad 4 (as everyone's calling it) was a surprise to more than just us when Apple's Phil Schiller made the announcement at the iPad Mini launch event on 23rd October 2012. Already bowled over in excitement by the 7.9 inch Mini, news of a new full-size fourth-generation iPad was an extra special and unexpected treat for tech fans everywhere.

Here at Store-3, although we wish Apple would rethink their product names to be just a little bit less confusing, we never lose excitement over their latest offerings. The new new iPad 4 sounds like a very worthy successor to our former favourite new iPad 3, and we just can't wait til release day!