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BlackBerry 10 is finally here! Over the past year, the rumour mill has been churning about what the next move for BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) would be - and following several press announcements and revelations in Q4 of 2012, we knew a release had to be imminent. Store 3 is now happy to quell further speculation because, at long last, launch day is here!

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Soon, the new BlackBerry 10 phones, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 - will be making their way to the UK market and Three mobile network. For the latest UK BlackBerry news Sign up and we will contact you (one email only) when tariffs are announced and stock is expected.

Though they won't be the company's first venture into touchscreen devices, BB 10 is the first operating system from the tech giant that's been built specifically for them. Not reworked or tweaked - but quite literally built from scratch. How things have changed since the introduction of the 3 BlackBerry Curve 9320!

3 BlackBerry 10 Specs

Let's talk about how the evolved BlackBerry 10 OS is so remarkably different from previous offerings and why it just might throw Apple and Android through a loop. Here’s a breakdown of what's what ...


BlackBerry Flow & more on Three

BlackBerry Flow: The completely redesigned interface is simply stunning. With a focus on fluid motion and smooth navigation, BlackBerry Flow can be characterised by the following two words: seamlessly sensitive. It utilises easy swipe movements to navigate between functions, such as sliding down a blind from the top of the screen to activate sleep mode. Nice touch.

BlackBerry Hub is a way of combining all your communications, and all your conversations, into one integrated, fully customisable space. From this single Hub, you can access everything in an instant. Yep - whether it's emails, Facebook, Twitter or BBM, you choose exactly what, or if, it goes into that space. Great functionality.

BlackBerry Peek: This neat little feature lets you pull up or minimise an app from wherever you are on the phone with one simple slide motion. Peek allows you to do exactly what it says on the tin, pulling an app across the Hub and sliding it away again. Admirably simple and immediate accessibility.


BlackBerry Balance allows for two separate identities on the same mobile, letting you maintain - and keep blissfully separate - both a professional and a personal profile. Both use independently customised interfaces, and flicking between them is instantaneous. Work will not have to follow you home, and home will no longer awkwardly crop up at work!

What Store 3 Like Best..

BlackBerry 10 is a vast improvement on anything BlackBerry have done before.

With a noticeably faster browser, more live tiles, and an increasingly customisable user experience, it's hard to choose just one thing. But perhaps the most impressive feature is the wised-up keyboard, which now supports a multilingual text prediction that detects changes in language as you type. Swiping between the different keyboards also looks particularly smooth and intuitive. 

BlackBerry World for your Three BlackBerry 10 Phone


Today also marks the launch of the revamped BlackBerry World online store - previously known as BlackBerry App World - giving you access to movies, games and music the minute they're released, and current TV shows ready to purchase the day after they air. They'll be distributing content from all the major studios as well as some nice independents and everything, we're told, will be very competitively priced!