3 Tariff Guide

Most tariffs will come with free handsets. However, if you choose a low price tariff and wish to have a high value handset, then you may have to pay an upfront cost. This often works out cheaper over the life of the contract than if you opted for a higher price tariff, so make sure you see how much you could save!

Here are the contract tariffs that Three offer:




500MB All-You-Can-Eat
1GB All-You-Can-Eat
2GB All-You-Can-Eat
All-You-Can-Eat Data All-You-Can-Eat


  • All 0800, 0808 and 0500 calls are free.
  • Your data allowance can be used as a personal hotspot (tethering), up to 8GB.
  • Control your spend by choosing to block any out of bundle spending.
  • 4G at no extra cost (when you choose a 4G phone).
  • With Feel At Home, wave goodbye to the worry of roaming charges in 18 destinations around the world.

Three Price Guide

Click here to see a complete run-down of all tariff details, including out-of-tariff charges and international charges.*

* Correct as of August 2014

How much internet data do I need with my mobile contract?

In real terms, 500MB of data approximately translates into:

  • 500 Outlook/HTML Emails
  • Surf the internet for about 5 hours
  • Download 2 four minute video
  • Download 16 four minute music tracks

If you're looking to use your mobile as your main way to connect to the internet and as a way of watching videos online, then an All-You-Can-Eat tariff is the best option for you. If, however, you just use your mobile for checking emails, occasionally using Facebook, and surfing the web for a bit, without watching YouTube or iPlayer, then 500MB will be enough to last the month!

What is All-You-Can-Eat data?

All-you-can-eat Data is exactly as it sounds - you can use as much internet as you like with no data costs. It was introduced by Three so that customers could surf the internet without the fear of running up a huge bill. Regardless of how much internet you use, you will not be charged for your data. There are no unexpected bills, and no hassle!

What's more, you can even use this data to tether up 8GB. That means that you can use your phone as a modem, if it has tethering capability, to connect your laptop to the internet using WiFi or a USB cable! And all this at no extra cost!


Three also offer a SIM-Only option which is fantastic value for money. If you already have a Three mobile or any unlocked 3G or 4G-Ready phone that you want to keep, then buying a SIM-Only contract will give you more texts and minutes for your money than a Pay-as-You-Go tariff and saves you the hassle of having to top-up.

SIM-only contracts are available either on a rolling 30 day contract or 12 month contract. Rolling 30 day contracts prevent you from being tied into a long contract - you can cancel the contract at any time with 30 days’ notice - but they do offer less value for money. The longer 12 month contract gives you the same allowances at a lower monthly cost. Three SIM-only customers benefit from all the standard monthly contract extras such as free Skype-to-Skype calling and free Windows Live Messenger.

Three offer both Standard-SIM contracts and MicroSIM contracts compatible with most smartphones. Three also offer NanoSIM-Only contracts compatible with the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s- so there's something for everyone!

Business Tariffs

Looking for Business tariffs? Why not try Three's superb Business tariff that is sure to satisfy all your business needs at just £29.79 per month (excl. VAT). It comes with 1125 anytime, any network minutes, 150 texts, 2000 Three-to-Three minutes and 2GB data. To see a selection of handsets available on this tariff click here.

If you're interested in Business Mobile Broadband packages, Three offer competitive plans on a variety of devices, including the dongle, MiFi and HTC Flyer, and boast the best Mobile Broadband network in the UK. To see the packages available online, click here.

If you are looking to purchase more than three handsets, or would like to talk to one of our business team regarding the full range of handsets and tariffs that we offer, simply fill out this contact form and one of our business team will contact you as soon as possible.

To see details of Business tariffs available on Three, take a look at Three's Price Guide.

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