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Our Favourite Rolling Contracts on Three

Our most flexible SIM plans offer all the advantages of a short-term contract - lower call and message rates, no hassle with credit or renewals, to name but a few! - without tying you into a 24-month commitment. Take a look at our top deals below!

What is the Rolling Contract on 3?

A rolling (or ‘rollover’) contract is one that renews itself automatically after each month. There’s no fixed end date, so you can keep it running hassle-free as long as you like and can cancel it at any time simply by giving a month’s notice.

The payment options are the same as for our pay monthly contracts, with most people choosing to pay via direct debit.


How long am I committed for?

That’s the beauty of Three’s 30 day rolling contract: you’re only committed for 30 days at a time, but you still benefit from the flexibility of a short-term contract together with the freedom to run it as long-term as you like, with the option to change, cancel or upgrade it at time.

Plus, we find our customers often choose to keep their rolling contracts going, as the text and call rates usually work out even cheaper in the long run.


What can I get on the Three Rolling Contract?

Three offers a range of tariff plans to cover all bases, so whether you use your phone mostly for calls and texts, for surfing the web, or as an all-round device, you're sure to find the right plan for you.

All 30-day contracts offer 5,000 texts and anywhere from 200 to 2,000 call minutes. Data allowances come as 500MB, 1GB and All-You-Can-Eat Data, and it's possible to get unlimited tethering too!

Mobile broadband comes either with 1GB or 10GB per month.


Can I get a data-only SIM?

Yes, we offer data bundles of 1GB or 10GB for 30 days, and which are renewable in exactly the same way as the mobile SIMs. We provide the normal Mobile Broadband SIM starting at just £7.50/month, as well as the iPad MicroSIM and the iPad Mini NanoSIM.


Rolling Contracts vs. PAYG

Pay-As-You-Go is often perceived as a cheaper alternative for light users; however, Three’s rolling monthly contracts have some very strong advantages:

  • Call and SMS/MMS rates often work out cheaper on contract in the long term
  • You’ll never find yourself without credit and unable to use the phone
  • You’ll have all the flexibility of a short-term contract and no hassle with monthly renewals
  • There’s no commitment, just convenience, as you can cancel at any time
  • Three offers a wide choice of contracts available to suit your requirements


Can I use my current phone?

Absolutely, you can use any phone or device that has been unlocked and is 3G compatible, or that came from Three originally. To unlock a phone on a different network, simply contact their customer services for an unlocking code. So you don’t have to get rid of your old phone that you love and know inside out!