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Pay As You Go SIMs from Three Mobile

With a Pay As You Go SIM Card from 3 you can enjoy the ultimate flexibility with your mobile phone. These sim deals mean you can keep your existing phone and simply switch in the right sim card for your phone. On a Three Pay As You Go plan it's easy to top up your phone and keep a track of your usage so you don't end up spending more than you want on a mobile.

If you've got an unlocked iPhone 5s, 5c or 5, you'll want to check out our 3 Pay As You Go NanoSIM card that comes preloaded with unlimited data for the first 30 days. These NanoSIMs mean that if you've found a bargain iPhone but want to use Three's fantastic data network then it's more straightforward than ever to get started. If you have an older iPhone or another brand of smartphone then the one you want is the 3 Pay As You Go MicroSIM below.

For any other phone that still takes regular Pay As You Go SIMs, then you can choose between the £10 and £15 options depending on how much you want to use. Simply click on the Three PAYG SIM that you want to find out more about to get more information straight from Three.

If you're looking for Pay Monthly SIMs you can find out more information on our 3 SIM-Only page.

3 Pay As You Go MicroSIMFind out more about Micro SIM deals

This 3 PAYG MicroSIM is ideal for older models of iPhone and the vast majority of other smartphones. Regardless of what handset you have, you still get the same great quality high speed internet for your smartphone on Three. This PAYG 3 MicroSIM is the easiest and most flexible way to get online through your new handset. Why not become part of the UK's most exciting new 4G network for the price of 3G?

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3 Pay As You Go NanoSIMFind out more about Nano SIM deals

If you've managed to snag the iPhone 5s, 5c or 5, then you need the 3 PAYG NanoSIM. Get stuck into the complimentary All You Can Eat Data for the first 30 days and top up whenever you want to extend this. That way, your iPhone 5s, 5c or 5 can make the most of Three's super-speedy internet without needing to be tied into a long term contract.

Apple's smaller SIM saves space in your iPhone, meaning they can cram in even more goodies than ever before. Plus, it fits into a sliding tray on the side of the phone so that you don't have to take your whole phone apart just to get into the SIM card slot.

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3 Pay As You Go SIM £10Find out more about PAYG SIM deals

This standard sized 3 PAYG SIM is compatible with any phone that takes a regular SIM card. This standard deal gives you the started package with a limited amount of data if you don't think you'll be using a great amount in the first 30 days.

This is the 3 PAYG SIM plan for those of you who reckon that calling and texting is more important than your data. Because sometimes it's just better to stop and have a chat than to send an email.

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3 Pay As You Go SIM £20Find out more about PAYG SIM deals

This 3 PAYG SIM comes with Three's fantastic All You Can Eat Data included for 30 days. If you're only after a short term plan, or want to keep a tight track of your usage then this is almost certainly the best one for you. We realise that some months you'll use more data than others and because of that Three are offering this great value £20 sim deal.

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