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iPad 3 on 3 Mobile

The New iPad on 3 Mobile has now been announced! Get yourself one today!

Read below for the pre-launch rumours about the iPad 3, now renamed the new iPad.

When Apple announce the launch of a new product, people sit up and take note. Here at Store-3, we are no different. The new iPad 3 launch date is set for March 7th, and we are very excited to see what kinds of tech they've packed into their new tablet.

We thought the iPad 2 had some nifty features, so we're really excited about the iPad 3. We've been following some of the rumours...


iPad 3: The Rumours


Most vocal of the complaints about the iPad 2 was the fact that it did not have the same pinpoint precision of screen quality that Apple users have come to expect (and can be found on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S). Therefore it is incredibly likely that the iPad 3 will have the Retina display that makes pixels invisible; you will hardly be able to tell that you are looking at a screen.

All-new multi-touch

Tech commentators have picked up on the fact that Apple have highlighted the "touch" element of their product launch, by giving the event the tagline "something you really have to see. And touch." The innovators at Apple HQ are sure to have come up with something unique and different, and it is possible that this includes a new way of interacting with the touchscreen. The iPad is already an incredibly tactile product, so we can't wait to see what new element Apple bring to the iPad 3!


Some predicted this for the iPhone 5 - that the screen will cover the entire front area of the device, without any borders at all. This will mean an even more immersive experience and no hardware buttons. This feature did not materialise for the iPhone 4S, but we may well get it on the iPad 3!

What we know we'll get from the iPad 3

iPads are incredibly useable products, and so easy to use for web browsing. Why not check out our views on the iPad 2 to find out more about these fabulous products?

Apple have promised us Something you really have to see. And Touch., so we are expecting another product that is effortlessly useable and stylish.

The iPad 3 on 3 Mobile

Can we expect the iPad 3 to come to Three in the UK? The chances are that we'll see it; after all, Three have ranged the original iPad, plus the iPad 2, and have a good range of other tablets. It is therefore pretty likely that the iPad 2 will be available on a mobile broadband contract.

Disclaimer: Store-3 does not possess any official information about the availability of the iPad 3 on Three UK.